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#3, January 1966, Vol. 1, No. 3


Fifth Estate # 3, January 1966

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The Fifth Estate
Po Box 305
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Susan de Gracia, Robin Dibner, Steven Dibner

STAFF: John Sinclair, David Rackett, Deena Clamage, Jeff Feldman, John Hawksley,

Special thanks to the Detroit Friends of SNCC and especially to Miss Dorothy Duberry, who went through hell to get the front page photographs.


Due to high printing cost and lack of staff time, the Fifth Estate will have to be published irregularly. This will mean that we hope to still print every other week, but chances are issues will arrive at least once a month. Issues have begun to receive paid advertising since: publishing our display ad rates ($1 per sq. inch).Thank you for your patience.

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