Morse Blasts LBJ

In a rare Detroit appearance, Oregon Senator Wayne Morse blasted critics of Vietnam war protesters and called for a national televised debate on the war.


Fifth Estate # 30, May 15-31, 1967

Senator Morse addressed over 1,000 people at a recent Anniversary dinner for the Michigan Civil Liberties Union. Sharing the platform with him were Detroit Congressman John Conyers, WSU President William R. Keast and Lt. Governor William G. Milliken.

Senator Morse’s speech countered Governor Milliken’s remarks about “the tiny minority” of bearded students who oppose the war. Milliken told the audience that he knew the ACLU shared his gratitude that the “draft card burners and vietniks” were not larger in numbers.

Immediately after the applause and hissing stopped, President Keast introduced the senator from Oregon.

The white haired senator called for more protest and more dissent until the President and Congress realize that “America will not support an illegal and unconstitutional war.”

“They say we are fighting to protect our own shores. Well Vietnam is 8,000 miles of water away, and I know of only two men who tried to walk on water, and one failed.”

Senator Morse called for an immediate declaration of war so that Congress could openly debate the issue and he “could vote against such a declaration.”