Vets Set to Jet to DC


Fifth Estate # 30, May 15-31, 1967

Detroit Area Veterans Against the War will be joining veteran contingents from many other cities in a Memorial Day Demonstration in Washington, DC. The veterans plan to hold memorial services at Arlington Cemetery and also will demonstrate at the Pentagon.

“Veterans can play an important role in the antiwar movement,” said Ed Chalom, chairman of the new group. “It is becoming increasingly clear that the strategy of the Administration is to shift the blame for the continuation of the war onto the shoulders of the peace bloc and further, to discredit peace people as being “unpatriotic.”

Ex-GI’s represent the “untouchables” of the peace movement—well equipped to deflate the flag-waving super-patriots. Further, it is only the veterans that can counter the brainwashing being given today’s GI’s by the Army brass.”

Veterans and their families are invited to join in these demonstrations.

Transportation costs will be extremely low. For further information call 832-5700 or 834-7717.


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