Free Readers’ Ads


Fifth Estate # 307, November 19, 1981

Although the Fifth Estate does not accept commercial advertising, we do provide this space free for our readers’ use. We do not accept ads over the telephone, so please mail them to us at our office: 4403 Second Ave., Detroit MI 48201. We only ask that the content of the ads be kept consistent with the general outlook of this publication.

ANARCHIST collective in college town of 65,000 is seeking a like-minded woman to live with us. We presently have 3 adjacent houses with 4 women and 4 men. Write Topper, c/o C.A.L., Box 380, Columbia, Missouri 65205.

ANARCHIST Black Dragon, prison newsletter from Walla Walla State Prison in Washington available from Solidarity Committee, C.P. 2, Succ. La Cite, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M9 for a donation or free with book orders from Fifth Estate books.

MUSIC THAT MATTERS! Tired of irrelevant heavy metal and spineless “New Wave”? We carry independent label releases exclusively. Modern protest music from such musical anarchists as the Dead Kennedys, DOA, Black Flag, CRASS and Many more! Send $.50 for record catalog to: Toxic Shock, Box 242-FE, Pomona CA 91769.

Free Readers’ Ads disappeared from this page for lack of use. If you have messages to post, we will be glad to print them in this space in future issues.

CHARLATAN STEW has moved to P.O. Box 31461, Wallingford Sta., Seattle WA 98103. We are currently circulating “Origin and Function of the Party Form (1962)”, a pamphlet by Jacques Camatte and Gianni Collu ($1.00), bumper stickers saying “Made by Modern Slaves,” “Warning: This Society is Harmful to Your Health,” and “This Year’s Election Choice: Constipation or Diarrhea”; free except for 25 cents postage. We are also publishing, together with Left Bank Publishing Project, a 1982 Anti-Authoritarian Calendar; $4.00 each and 50% off for 5 or more copies. Anyone interested in receiving any of these things and/or being on our mailing list should drop us a line.

WANTED to purchase: underground comix. High prices paid. Especially looking for the following Michigan titles: Fat Lip Funnies, Goose Lake Gags, Gross Out Comix, Tales from the Ozone. Call Rick at 358-2982.