Liberal Dems Meet


Fifth Estate # 31, June 1-15, 1967

How to love Poppa while he’s beating you on the hind end will be the theme of the Conference of Concerned Democrats all day Saturday, June 10 at the MacGregor Memorial Conference Center on the WSU campus.

A bunch of pretty decent-type Demos are going to get together and discuss the Democratic Party and its current stance on Vietnam, Civil Rights, etc. One of the main speakers will be happy warrior Zolton Ferency, Democratic State Chairman.

Ferency inadvertently revealed the true nature of the conference in an obscure article in which he was bemoaning the failure of Honest Hubert Humphrey to spend more time with party leaders on his recent visit here.

If some of the dissenters in the party had had a chance to air their dissatisfactions to Humphrey, Ferency admitted, we could have made them feel more a part of their party. Good, healthy free discussion can lead to unity.

So, instead of talking to Humphrey, the left-leaning liberals will get together, cry over the horror of Vietnam and the continual state of Black semi-servitude and decide that it is still profitable to work within the framework of the Party.