Atanas Porezoff (1890-1982)


Fifth Estate # 310, Fall 1982

Atanas Porezoff was, as were so many revolutionaries of his generation, host to many names: Atanas Vidloff, Tony Bulgar, even affectionately “The Old Man.” But to those of us who knew him only in his later years, he was just Tony.

Once towards the end of his life, when we visited him in the hospital, he smiled at the nurse and, said, “See, I don’t need medicine, these people are my medicine.” And he would remind us at the end of each visit to remember the message contained in the works of his “great teachers, Bakunin, Kropotkin and Tolstoy.” His customary call of “Viva la anarchia” as we left after visiting will stay with us always. Tony lived a long and full life, yet we cannot mask our sadness for a departed friend and comrade.

We dedicate this issue to Tony’s memory and to his spirit of opposition and libertarian revolution. To maintain one’s principles to the very end is to die a free human being.

—The FE Staff and Friends of Atanas Porezoff