Fifth Estate # 313, Summer, 1983

Image of spoof Sperry-Univac ad. Text is displayed on same page in Issue 313, Summer, 1983
Technology. We know that it offers no evidence whatsoever of having any sympathy for the nature of the world, and has nothing to do with human desires for an earth on which to dwell.

We’re the people who create it, perfect it and make it part of the American dream. We bring you the computer, which touches all our lives in ways we can hardly begin to imagine. And who can say what lies ahead?

Let us take you along. Surrender to the pressure to play video games. Help us realize alienated humanity’s dream of nature completely tamed. Remember: you too may soon have your own computer!

Our project is the complete isolation of people from the earth and their reduction to a uniform, disciplined workforce. The universal language of the machine is now carrying us toward a global network of cybernetic planning. As more animal species and tribal languages are extinguished each year, look forward to new, more exciting video adventures!

To those who say that the planet is being destroyed that our gleaming plans rest upon slavery in the mines, factories and offices, that the computer replaces living speech with an ugly, impoverished language, we answer: you will not stay away from us for long.


We understand how important it is to program your desires.