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Fifth Estate # 314, Fall 1983

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Books on the Russian Revolution

October marked the 66th anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution as well as the assumption of state power by the firing squad party, the Bolsheviks.

Throughout the gulag-states there were military processions and official pseudo-celebrations to celebrate the Bolshevik’s counter-revolutionary coup, and here in the West, various leftist sectlets held boring, poorly attended seances to commemorate the date. All of them, whether they represent Leninism in power (Brezhnev’s “real existing socialism”) or Leninism out of power (the 57 varieties of Trotskyism, Maoism and Stalinism of the Western parties), will be defending the mystifications of the monolithic machine which strangled the revolution.

October is also the 27th anniversary of the Hungarian rebellion of 1956 which is the most celebrated of the many revolts against Stalinist rule. The following books are a small contribution to the process of demystification of those events and a call for renewing the struggle against all forms of domination.

Books on the Russian Revolution


A massive history of the Russian Revolution, long unavailable in English, and unflawed by leninist or bourgeois distortions and lies. Written by a participant, gives a sweeping view of events including the role of the anarchist movement. Foreword by Rudolph Rocker.

Black & Red 717 pp., $6.00


An excellent chronology and analysis of the Bolshevik betrayal of the revolution from the seizure of the factories to the crushing of the Kronstadt Commune.

Black & Red 100 pp., $1.95


Exciting account of the anarchist/communist peasant revolution in the Ukraine, with telling revelations about the nature of Bolshevik military and social policy.

Black & Red 284 pp., $3.75

THE POVERTY OF STATISM: A DEBATE by Fabbri, Rocker, Bukharin

Contains Nikolai Bukharin’s officially-sponsored attack on anarchism published in the Soviet Union in 1922, and Luigi Fabbri’s reply published in Italy the same year. Also, two articles by Rudolf Rocker, “Anarchism and Sovietism,” and “Marx and Anarchism.”

Cienfuegos Press, $3.50

THE GUILLOTINE AT WORK by Gregory Petrovich Maximoff

Develops the theme that the stalinist terror of the 1930s, the bureaucratisation of Russian society, the imperialist escapades, through to today’s lack of human rights in Russia and other East European countries are not aberrations in the development of socialist society, but rather a logical development in marxist philosophy and action. It serves one main purpose: “to dispel the aura which Lenin’s disciples have bestowed on him by showing that Lenin was primarily concerned with attaining power and holding on to it as a dictator by means of terror.”

Black Thorn Books, 337 pp., reduced, $8.00

THE RUSSIAN TRAGEDY by Alexander Berkman

Two years in his native Russia provided both the background material for this analysis of the revolution and its betrayal by the communists. Contains three articles, originally published separately as pamphlets in 1922, “The Russian Tragedy,” “The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party,” and “The Kronstadt Rebellion.”

Cienfuegos Press 112 pp., $4.50

THE KRONSTADT UPRISING OF 1921 by Lynne Thorndycraft

Story of the heroic Kronstadt uprising against Bolshevik tyranny and its ruthless suppression by the Leninists.

Left Bank Books 36 pp., 50 cents


The story of the Russian anarchists during the Revolution and Civil War (1917-21) told by the Participants themselves. Included are articles and manifestos, speeches and resolutions, letters and diaries, poems and songs. Includes an introduction and commentary by Avrich.

Cornell U. Press 179 pp., $4.00

Revolts Against Stalinism

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

THE STRIKE IN GDANSK, AUGUST 14-31 1980 Edited and translated by Andrzej Tymowski

This short history chronicles the strike which marked the beginning of the Polish explosion. Contains accounts of the event taken from strike bulletins, Solidarity newspapers and interviews. Also, a critical Afterword on Solidarity since the strike.

Don’t Hold Back 50 pp., $2.75


A first-hand account of a witness to the student and worker revolts which shook Yugoslavia the same year as the more famous French events. This English account was translated into Serbian the following year and published in the newspaper Student, which figures prominently in the account. The entire press run was confiscated by the authorities and burned. The only mention ever made to the incident was an article in the communist party paper which noted that a “CIA” instigated report of the revolt had been discovered.

Black & Red 24 pp., $.75

POLAND: 1970-71 by Informations Correspondance Ouvrieres

“The cover photo of this pamphlet showing the blazing Communist Party headquarters in the Polish city of Sczcecin graphically illustrates what this pamphlet is really about: the hatred of the people for their rulers….Suddenly everything became quite clear: ‘An entire exploited class rose against a ruling class, exposing the real social relations and shattering all mystifications….The rulers had only one alternative: to recognize that it was workers who were fighting for their material life and ultimately for their total liberation. The implicit recognition of the workers’ demands co-existed with brutal repression.'” (from our original review of the book)

Black & Red 117 pp., $1.50

THE WORKING CLASS UPRISING IN EAST GERMANY, JUNE 1953: Class Struggle Against Bolshevism by Cajo Brendel

An exciting account written weeks after the massive workers’ assault on the E. German Stalinist state. Rather than just a few heroic workers throwing rocks at tanks, it was an uprising which shook the state to its core and involved hundreds of thousands who wanted neither Ulbrecht nor Adenaur.

Echanges et Mouvement/London 26 pp., $1

HUNGARY ’56 by Andy Anderson

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 has always been trumpeted by the West as “proof” that people bridling under “communism” desire instead capitalist life. Anderson’s thorough account of the October events gives the full panorama of the revolt against the stalinist bureaucracy which contained the potential for universal forms of freedom—the workers’ councils. The text and the excellent photos bring events to life rich with humans in a fight for freedom.

Solidarity/Black & Red 138 pp., $1.75

New Arrivals


A long out-of-print Situationist International (SI) classic recently re-issued by Rebel Press in England and Left Bank Books of Seattle. This edition has a new translation approved by the author. Vaneigem was one of the founders of the SI and this book was published in 1967; the same year as Guy DeBord’s SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE; the two works were meant to complement each other. “Written in the street cafes of Paris between 1963-65, THE REVOLUTION OF EVERYDAY LIFE seemed to reflect exactly the mood of the revolutionaries of May ’68.” From the jacket.

Rebel/Left Bank, 216 pp., $.95

KICK IT OVER No. 8 1984 Preview Issue

The publication of an extremely active anarchafeminist collective in Toronto, KIO features articles on the current crisis of repression in Canada, a continuing debate on pornography, the politics of pot, Agent Orange, welfare warfare and other topical issues. $1.00

ON THE POVERTY OF BERKELEY LIFE and the Marginal Stratum of American Society in General by Chris Shutes

The examination of Berkeley, Calif. as the Prototype of life on the margins of capitalist society. An exposure of self-delusion about work, “hip” business, and consumption. Cruel, but fair. Ends with a fairly hopeful chapter on events in South Africa.

Self-published 52 pp., $2.50


Just reprinted by Freedom Press, this edition contains new footnotes by the author and a review of Hugh Thomas’ THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR. Richards’ critical views of the revolution, the role of the CNT and FAI, and libertarian tactics, makes it as controversial and valuable as it was when the first edition was published 30 years ago. Highly recommended.

Freedom Press 256 pp., $5.70


In a poetic style which leaves the terrain of history as it excoriates it, AGAINST LEVIATHAN traces the origins of the state, the destruction of myth-centered, communitarian, free societies by authoritarian machines and economic social relations, the varied forms of resistance to and flight from the state.

Black & Red 302 pp., $3.00


An amazingly extensive listing of anarchist and libertarian publications, bookstores, organizations (ugh!), and contacts throughout the world. It’s incredible that so many addresses could be assembled in one volume, but it’s been done & attractively so.

Self-published 140 pp., $3.50


This excellent collection contains many articles written for the anarchist journal Freedom by a participant in the sit-downs and marches against the Bomb in England during the late ’50’s and early 60’s.

Freedom Press 168 pp., $4.25


Written under the name Ret Marut during the World War I years in Germany when Traven was editor of the anti-war paper Der Ziegelbrenner (The Brickburner). The fifteen stories foreshadow many of the libertarian and moral themes which would appear later in THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE, THE DEATH SHIP and THE WHITE ROSE.

Lawrence Hill & Co. 149 pp., $5.95


In the clash between Mexican rural life and the power of American industrialism, Traven aptly illustrates what we have traded for the modern world. The book describes the discovery and exploitation of Mexico’s oil resources by the rapacious giants of the U.S. oil industry and the destruction of a Mexican Indian hacienda, La Rosa Blanca, which stood in their way.

Lawrence Hill & Co. 209 pp., Hardcover Published at $8.95; now $5.95

THE END OF ANARCHISM? by Luigi Galleani

Initially conceived of as a rebuttal, it developed into an eloquent expression of Galleani’s anarchist-communism, which remains radical and relevant to this day. The union and organization compromises embraced by so many contemporary anarchists are roundly denounced while support for the concept of armed insurrection and the propaganda of the deed receive sympathetic treatment. This edition contains an introduction by Max Sartin, a collaborator of Galleani’s and editor of L’Adunata dei Refrattari, the last major Italian anarchist journal of North America which was published for fifty years, 1922-1971.

Cienfuegos $4.00


Newly reprinted by Black & Red, this major situationist work traces the process in modern societies whereby all that was once lived directly has now moved into a representation.

Black & Red 221 Theses, $2.00

BULLDOZER Issue No. 6 Summer 1983

The Bulldozer (the only vehicle for prison reform) collective produced this issue in the midst of a police raid on their living quarters (see p. 3 this issue and last) which resulted in much of the material for it being confiscated. It may be their best to date both graphically and editorially. They are certainly in touch with prisoners who can eloquently express the prison experience with strength and pathos. Also, a full report on police harassment. We suggest you write directly to them for the issue as a show of support at Box 5052, Stn A, Toronto, Ont. M5W 1W4 Canada.

P.S.C. Publishers 48 pp., $1.00

(Also available from FE Books. Back issues of Bulldozer from either address.)


The story of the revolutionary movement in the German Navy in 1918-1919.

Cienfuegos Press 32 pp., $1.25


A big hit last year, the 1984 calendar features all new multi-color graphics and new dates on the themes of 1984, Orwell, Animal Farm, utopia, and anti-utopia.

Left Bank Distribution, 12 months, $4.50

VISION ON FIRE: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution edited by David Porter

VISION ON FIRE is a carefully chosen collection of Emma Goldman’s significant, yet largely unpublished writings from the tumultuous final four years of her life. It is a powerful sequel to LIVING MY LIFE, her well-known autobiography published in 1931. Frankly revealed are her struggles with the deep contradictions of the Spanish Revolution of the late 1930s, her efforts to maintain personal integrity and vision within the heat of passionate involvement. Sexism, violence, a hostile international context, leftist vanguards, common front strategies, creating the new society, and movement organization—all are basic political issues Goldman faced in Spain. Each of them still confronts those today who seek to achieve a new anti-authoritarian society.

Commonground Press, 346 pp., $7.50


One of the books at the heart of the debate on this issue’s Letters page. Brenner searches thru the Zionist record and finds evidence that it sought the patronage and benevolence of avowed anti-Semites and, ultimately, the collaboration of the Fascists and Nazis. Shatters many of the myths Zionism has created for itself and for its role in the establishment of Israel. Highly recommended. The author, Lenni Brenner, was recently on Palestine’s West Bank participating in a peaceful demonstration and was set upon by Israeli soldiers who beat him and others assembled, was taken into custody, briefly, but released without charges.

Lawrence Hill & Co. 277 pp., $7.95

TELOS: A Quarterly Journal of Radical Thought, Summer 1983

Special section on the German Peace Movement including a debate on whether its foundation is in Neo-Nationalism or not, a long overdue rebuttal of some of the pro-NATO ravings of some Telos contributors, and a view of the East German Peace Movement. Also, “Stagflation and the New Right,” “Corporatism in the U.S.” and other articles on critical theory, philosophy, psychology and literature.

Telos Press 240 pp., $5.50

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