News & Reviews


Fifth Estate # 314, Fall 1983

Sorry for such a short column of News & Reviews this issue, but we are short of space this time around. Keep sending us news of your publications and activities—we like to read them and promise to give them more space next issue.

For news of political prisoners in Spain, write to: Associacio de Familiars i Amics dells presos politics, Rda. Sant Pere, 32, ter. E, Barcelona 10, Spain. Information comes in spanish and catalan.

Blacklisted News announces The New Yippie Book! is now in print. 750 pages of material reprinted from the Yippie Times and Overthrow, as well as new material covering the demonstrations, guerrilla theatre and civil disobedience the Yippies participated in during the past twenty years. Available from Blacklisted News, P.O. Box 392, Canal Street Station, New York NY 10013.

Now open is Freeforall, Idaho’s first Libertarian Socialist/Anarchist bookstore, with over 400 titles dealing with anarchism and related topics presently in stock. To receive a current book catalog/free literature list, write: R. Carr, P.O. Box 341, Bora Station, Boise, Idaho 83701.

A reader from Columbia, Missouri, who hosts a weekly radio show of international music and discussion writes to us for the following request: An anti-authoritarian radio programmer needs cassette tapes on international issues. If you can assist, write Caravans, KOPN, 915 E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201.