They’re at War!

No Bombs! No Borders! Abolish All Armies!


Fifth Estate # 314, Fall 1983

They’re at war! They appear nightly on television with their lying speeches trying to defend the growing slaughter. The body bags come home by the hundreds filled with the shattered remains of young men who swallowed the patriotic justifications for war, leaving grieving families, consoled only by the hollow speeches of politicians and generals.

The clash of empires becomes more threatening with each new “crisis” as the rulers press on with their arms race, willing to incinerate the world in defense of their ideologies of death-capitalism and socialism.

The United States, born in blood and battle, slavery and genocide, moves toward its total realization as a garrison state, its economy and culture geared toward the exultation of the warrior and his technology of destruction. It matters little to the rulers that millions have expressed their desire to affirm life and to live free and in peace-there is no place for our dreams in their schemes of power and domination.

Their wars are in progress; the blood is already flowing. We must declare peace by refusing to participate in their mad battle plans and by supporting every instance of indiscipline and rebellion. They have an immense apparatus to defend their empire and we have little else than our desires, but there is no longer any room for accommodation with the political state and its representatives.