Graphics Notes


Fifth Estate # 319, Winter, 1985

The graphics/collages on pages 9-13 are taken from “Manual for Revolutionary Leaders” by M. Velli, and appear in the book in full color. It is available through our book service and is listed on page 18.

Each construction contains a variety of images representing the rise to power of the leader and his party, and the process of modernization and industrialization.

In “The Leader’s Car” the Mercedes limousine belongs to Jomo Kenyata, once leader of the Mau Mau guerrillas, who became head of the modern African state of Kenya. His chauffeur’s cap rests on the dashboard.

Superimposed on the grill is an image of China under Mao: uniformed followers march in lockstep beneath a gigantic poster of the leader.

Above the car, a photograph of Russian peasants who have stripped off pictures of the saints from their icon boards and replaced them with portraits of the Bolsheviks supplied by the fledgling state. This belies the modern leninist contention that the cult of the personality began with Stalin.