Fifth Estate Moves to Warren Forest


Fifth Estate # 32, June 15-30, 1967

The coming of summer has meant a great increase in activity in the Warren Forest area near Wayne State University.

Trans-Love Energies Unlimited, the Detroit hippie cooperative with offices located in the center of The Forest, at John Lodge and Warren, has reorganized its facilities in order to better serve the community and the Fifth Estate has moved its offices to 1107 W. Warren in Warren Forest. A cooperative store and trading post recently opened in the Artists’ Workshop under the direction of Dennis and Janet Smith and Pun the sandal-maker, and, in the biggest move, Trans-Love agents will open a huge concert-house, THE SEE, on the outskirts of The Forest, at 3929 Woodward just south of Alexandrine.

THE SEE, known to Trans-Love people as The Mystical Nights of the See Lodge Hall, will occupy the quarters formerly known as The Village and the Etcetera and will be managed by John Sinclair for Trans-Love Qrgies Unlimited. The concert area, which can accomodate up to 500 people, will feature Detroit bands and national guests, along with the Magic Veil’s fantastic light projections. The Spikedrivers, the MC-5, Billy C. and the Sunshine, the Seventh Seal, and the Charles Moore new-music Ensemble are set for the first two weeks, as well as a massive Independence Day poetry reading the 4th of July.

Plans are also being drawn for a new cinema series and a SEE theatre group, the first under the direction of Emil Bacilla and the theatre organized by Scott Johnson and Peter Brown. A Trans-Love store, which will deal products manufactured in the community–Grimshaw posters, Artists’ Workshop Press books and magazines, leather goods and sandals from the Trading Post, beads and dresses and other items made by girls in the general store, etc.–will be set up in the lobby, with other lobby space leased to community businesses who deal with TLE.