Guerrilla: Sector North


Fifth Estate # 32, June 15-30, 1967

The Guerrilla Roofreadings started May 28 at Guerrilla: Sector North, on Allen Van Newkirk’s roof, above the Artist’s Workshop with Andrei Codrescu reading from his forthcoming book: Insane People With Beautiful Sidewalks.

Andrei Codrescue was born in Romania and has lived throughout Europe. His book (in English) is a reflection of this multi-language trip. His convulsive fights with language make the structure of this poetry.

I am playing with the tongue inside a new language / getting hard its nipples and thrusting like a cold river / the roots of its religious letters /

This is an angry language framed by an imagery of surrealistic origins. The book contains 35 poems.

The next Roofreading is scheduled for Sunday, June 18, Allen Van Newkirk, editor of Guerrilla, Halma Perry, a Latin American guerrilla poetess and Dartmouth poet Tom Mitchell will read.

The Guerrilla Roofreadings are an attempt to establish communication between revolutionary poets and public. Readings are free and start at 4:30 p.m.