Fifth Estate # 32, June 15-30, 1967

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tick—Greatest Hits (Fontana)…this freaky looking and even more strange sounding group has made its first album a landmark. The sounds on this LP were all written by some character called H. Blaikley with the exception of HERE’S A HEART written by Tubbs Segal. Instrumental and vocally it’s a good effort, and the LP is well produced.

Their sound can be compared with the Stones for drive and the Hollies for harmony. Certainly the best songs on the LP include TOUCH ME, TOUCH ME, HOLD TIGHT! and a gem called BEND IT.

In the R & B category, Howard Tate has a fantastic LP (Verve)NOBODY HOME is the main cut and to my knowledge his biggest selling single. Every cut is superbly done, he is fantastic Howard Tate.

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band—Beatles (Capitol) more than enough has been said about this record. It probably is the most different LP ever released. Years from now this LP will still be looked upon as the sound of the future. Each cut is different, each cut showing that the Beatles are the BEST. A DAY IN THE LIFE is probably the best cut but they are all great. LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS (LSD?) is beautiful. This LP should not only be listened to, but studied carefully. The Beatles have a lot to say, some of it is very subtle, listen carefully because not all of their ideas are convicted with words.

Fire and Fleet and Candlelight—Buffy Sainte-Marie (Vanguard). She is beautiful and alive and this LP conveys the images perfectly. Like most other folk singers she is accompanied by orchestra but the LP is produced well enough to push across a certain amount of intimacy despite the large backing sound. Sometimes, though, I get the idea this LP was rushed. It could be because certain well known cuts on the LP were done too damn fast…CIRCLE GAME. While listening to this record, keep the cover within sight.

Other LPs worth the bread:

The Hollies Greatest Hits (Imperial) LP—9350

Friday On My Mind—Easybeats (United Artists) VAL 3588

The James Cotton Blues Band (Verve) ft 3023

James and Bobby Purify (Bell) 6003


Wayne Fontana MGM—a good singer, but a Jack good material.

Love is Alive and Well, Kim Farley (Tower) somebody has got to be kidding.

My Girl Josephine—Jerry Jaye (Hi). This is what is known as Plastic Music.