An Other Storee


Fifth Estate # 325, Spring, 1987

Image of hand-written text "An Other Storee" printed in Issue 325, Spring, 1987, page 11. Text is rendered in HTML on this page.That breakup wuz a long time ago.

Wich breakup are you talking about? There bin so many and they keep getting more.

I’m talking about the first wun.

O. that wun. Yes. It wuz a long long time ago.

* * *

Wunce the people saw that Each Thing like Each rock or Each tree or Each bird or Each wind or Each fear or Each love wuz Diferent and hid its Name inside itself. If you looked inside it deep enuf or long enuf the Name wood come threw. If you did it with Each and Every thing and fit all the Names all together they wood make wun Name and that wood be the ansir. Wun Hole Thing. It wuz called Re Member.

People got the most wun derfullfilling from seeing the Names of Each Diferent Thing and fitting it to gather with the Names of Other Things. They wernt all ways just wun Name for Each Thing. They cood be jillions Each for the Other. That wuz impossible well the Hole Thing wuz im possible so it wood get the people to laffing som times as thoze Diferntses never hert the Trewness of the Holeness so long as they were honest. Yes the pee ple cood see that clear the Names were honest and so sensitive along there trew broken edges. They were just yearning for there Others Each to heal there selves and be come wat they trewly were themselves. And just so then Each person wood have to see in side there self to find there own trew Name and when they did the wunderfullfilling wood tend them to search out the Names of Other Persons to fit there Names in to. Som times the Names were so Trew and fit so perfect all along thoze honest broken edges they saw the Names had took on the very full Shape of there bodies till there were no diferents between there Names and there bodies and there bodies fit all a long there honest yearing broken edges just so per fect til they felt they were trewly themselves and tending to that Sum Thing Hole.

Becauz the peeple saw the Real magic of it that wuz that in Each trew Name the Hole wum wuz ecoing in it. And that Each trew edge of Each thing wen fit to gather with the Trew edge of an Other the Holeness was trembling there. That the Name and the Thing were Diferent and the same both at wunce but that the Name wuz just as Real as the Thing. That every Thing wuz all ways trembling with the Yearning of becoming wun an Other and the Name wuz the eco of that trembling YearningMoshin ecoing from the hart of Each Thing the Shape of wut it wuz and wut it wuzznt yet and anymore. Noing the Name wuz the way to hav a Thing with out taking it. Re Member wuz the way to see a Thing Open to its very hart without killing it. It wuz the way of seeing a Piece in wun self.

O but then it came wen peeple who coodnt find there own Names or Other Names got inpayshent and mad feeling so a lone and dum. They wanted to get there hands on sum Thing. They wanted to get thoze forms they wanted to get In Formd they wanted to get In Formashun. They wanted a Big Piece. They wanted to go for the Hole Thing they wanted to go for the Big Wun. The ANSIR. And so thats wen they started breaking things up to get the ANSIR faster that way. But wut came threw wuz the wayl of Sum Thing Hole ecoing there. It ecodde in there very bones and made them mad with fear to hush that up. Well they were dum. But they started making all kind of noise with lying with broken up names calling there selves gov er mer and doc ter and spir i chew al lee der clayming there names wood find the ANSIR wile they tryed to cover up that they dint no there Name wile they tryed to Cover up that fearsum wayling both at wunce. Crazy is as Crazy duz. So things got wers. Til they started smashing up the pieces of the pieces of the things and then smashing that up and then mixing it all up with the smashes of Other things and then breaking and smashing it up all over and over again. They made a mess. They claymd they were Dis Covering for that Great ANSIR but they were just covering it they were fore getting it. It wuz not Re Member it wuz dis member a bad joke. You can see all wut came of it wuz ruin the Trew crisp edge of Each Diferent Thing and its Name and the trembling Yearing Moshen of Be Coming til they dont no wut goze ware andst hav stuff. Pritty much all the same. Innerchaynjable parts. Yet it dont fit to a thing really and the very ground wont hav it. It dont no its own name. Thers wun rote on the outside label.

Then come the Big Sir Prize. Ah lay loo ya. They found the ANSIR. Spelled out for them in a teenee broken piece of ruined name of a dying thing dead for shur wunce they got a hold of it. But so they say it’s a code. They claym it’s the Seecret Code of the Hidden Names of the Great ANSIR. It’s the In Formashun. Wut Will make every wun hav to not look into any thing for its Name ever agin. Wut Will make every wun hav Leeshur and Eternal Rest. For They hav found the Code. And the Code is the In Formashun. And the In Formashun is the Power. And the Power is the ANSIR. For with the Code They Will form the Names and with the Names They Will In Form every thing wut to be. And the world WILL be Made Brand New.

So now–Crazy threw there fathers wayling bones with dis member and fore getting–they say they will smash there own bodies up and mix them up with other smashed wuns and then go divvy them up agin all In Formed in the Name of the Code. O they wont try to fit them to gather any more along there fine trew yearning edges. There will be nun anymore. They wont ever Re Member there Names then. They wont hav Names then there wont be any ansir. Only the wayling will be quieted in the bones.

The End.

P.S. This is just an Other storee. I made it up so you don’t hav to go by it. Only its as trew a wun as I can tell so may be it cood fit to an Other.

Yours Trewly

Merry of the Wild wood.