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Fifth Estate # 326, Summer, 1987

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MOB ACTION AGAINST THE STATE: Haymarket Remembered… an Anarchist Convention by Assorted Authors

It was a long time coming, but the folks at the Haymarket Remembered Project in Olympia, Washington have finally issued an engaging collection of remembrances and documents about the May 1986 Haymarket Commemoration and anarchist gathering in Chicago. All the demos, all the meetings, the hassles and disputes are here, most expressed by personal statements. Photos abound as well in case we’ve forgotten the stand-off at the IBM Building or the banquet or the gathering at the cemetery where the Haymarket martyrs are buried. By the way, the title takes its name from what the 38 arrested anarchists were charged with after our march through downtown Chicago.

Haymarket Remembered Project, 140 pp. $3.00


“Lomakatsi is a Hopi word for ‘life in balance’ – harmony among humans, animals and the rest of nature.” The name of this publication suggests “a world re-vitalized, a world re-enchanted and re-stored with meaning. A world where all forms of life co-exist. The word is especially appropriate because it is derived from the language of a People with a history of balanced living with the earth.”

A collection of artwork, poetry, essays,direct action reports, materials and suggestions for direct action, Lomakatsi focuses on animal liberation. But because it presents a discussion of animal liberation within the context of the needs of empire (domination, hierarchy and technology), Lomakatsi clearly states that nothing short of revolution will bring us back into balance with nature and that this balance is-necessary for life to continue. And because the folks at Lomekatsi are interested in all aspects of the struggle for animal and human freedom, they welcome contributions from their readers on a wide variety of topics. Interesting, informative, and absolutely anti-authoritarian. Definitely a good way to get in touch with other animal activists.

Self-published Unpaginated $2

WHY WORK? Arguments for the Leisure Society Edited by Vernon Richards

A collection of essays and articles by Bertrand Russell, George Woodcock, Camillo Berneri, Peter Kropotkin and others. This book does not offer solutions to the problems of capitalism. On the contrary, it seeks to persuade its readers that the capitalist system is good only for a relatively small number of people and institutions while the rest of the community are its victims.

Freedom Press 210 pp. $6.00

GOD AND THE STATE By Michael Bakunin

A classic text by one of the founders of anarchism: “…in what manner religions debase and corrupt the people? They destroy their reason, the principal instrument of human emancipation, and reduce them to imbecility, the essential condition of their slavery…they kill human pride and dignity, protecting only the cringing and humble.”—from the text.

Bash ‘Em Books 86 pp. $1.60

PARIS: MAY 1968 by Solidarity

An eye-witness account of two weeks spent in Paris during the May 1968 uprising, its purpose being to inform rather than to analyse. The French events have a significance that extends far beyond the frontiers of modern France. A whole epoch had just come to an end: the epoch during which people couldn’t say that “it couldn’t happen here.” Another epoch was starting: that in which people know that revolution is possible under the conditions of modern bureaucratic capitalism. Also, at the crisis point, the French Communist Party, and those workers under its influence proved to be the final and most effective “brake- on the development of the revolutionary self-activity of the working class. First published in June 1968 by Solidarity (London) following the events by a month.

Dark Star & Rebel Press 55 pp. $3

SABATE: Guerilla Extraordinary by Antonio Tellez, translated by Stuart Christie with an introduction by Alfredo Bonanno

Sabate and his comrades fought the Franco regime in Spain for years after it was thought that anarchism was defeated in 1939 following the Spanish Revolution. This book tells of the life, the actions and the death of an anarchist guerrilla. “…reading it pushes one to action; it arouses enthusiasm.”—from the jacket.

Elephant Editions 208 pp. $6.00

1 – FIGHTING THE REVOLUTION by N. Makhno, B. Durruti and E. Zapata

The introduction to this pamphlet calls these three the “unsung heroes” of history and tells about each of their lives and their battles. Men and women such as these have argued that the vast majority of the people of all nations have no material interest in the wars and conflicts of their masters; that they should in fact, unite against their respective rulers and owners of property, strip them of their power and wealth, and make the means of life the common heritage of all, regardless of race, nationality or sex.

Freedom Pamphlets, 40 pp. $2.00

2 – FIGHTING THE REVOLUTION by P. Kropotkin, Louise Michel and the Paris Commune

This pamphlet contains “The Defence of Louise Michel” which she presented at her trial following the suppression of the Paris Commune in 1871. Michel was a brave member of this famous uprising who only gave herself up to the police in order to secure the release of her mother who had been taken hostage. In this speech which begins the pamphlet, Michel glorys in her participation in the uprising. Also in this pamphlet are essays and articles by Peter Kropotkin on the Paris Commune and other aspects of anarchism and revolution.

Freedom Press, 48 pp. $2.40


A pioneer of the social ecology movement, Bookchin’s radical analysis and perspective go back to the 1950s when he began to present and explore the ideas of alternative technology, decentralization and ecological technics. This is a collection of his essays written in the ’70s and ’80s.

Black Rose Books, 315 pp. $8.00

Long time readers of the Fifth Estate may think it peculiar that we are carrying a Black Rose publication after the go-around we had with them several years ago (See FE July 1977). Actually, we were surprised to receive their edition when we ordered the title from our distributor, A Distribution. From the price listed in their catalog ($14) we incorrectly assumed that we would be receiving a remaindered hardbound edition of the Bookchin title.

However, we received the above at a typical BRB inflated price. Rather than pass along a rip-off to our readers, we decided to sell it at just 60 cents over our costs since we do think the volume contains excellent material and we are anxious to make it available.

By the way, each order for the title will contain a reprint of the exchange between us and BRB from the decade old FE

SPECTACULAR TIMES: Cities of Illusion compiled & written by Larry Law

A post-Situationist publication featuring creative graphics with quotes from Debord, Vaneigem, the Strasbourg Situationists, and Lewis Carroll. Also, an original text by Larry Law. “In the society of the spectacle, we live in a world of carefully constructed illusions—about ourselves, each other, about power, authority, justice and daily life. These illusions are both constructed and reflected by education, advertising, propaganda, television, newspapers, speeches, elections, politics, religion, business transactions and the courts. They are perpetrated by us from the moment we accept this as a valid view of the world.”—from the text.

Spectacular Times, 48 pp. $1.60

SPECTACULAR TIMES: The Spectacle: The Skeleton Keys Compiled and written by Larry Law

A double reprint of Larry Law’s 1981 and ’82 texts which express some of the basic ideas of the Spectacular Times series. Chapter titles include: The Spectacle, Recuperation, Specialization and Fragmentation. “The Skeleton Keys is not philosophy pre-packaged for consumption.”—from the text.

Spectacular Times, 48 pp. $1.60

Please remember to enclose postage when ordering as listed above. Thanks.



They’re back! Zany outrageous and funny, these imaginative comic depictions of anarchism and anarchy were a mainstay of our bookstore during the late ’70s and early ’80s. Rereading them gave us the same chuckles as they did when we first saw them.

No. 1—Don’t be fooled. Even though the cover says this is No. 2, it is really the first one. Anarcho madness mixed in with straight presentation of the stories of Makhno, the struggle in Spain, and repression of the Kronstadt Uprising against the Bolsheviks. Art by Kinney, Mavrides and Spain. $2.00

No. 2—The real one. The adventures of Anarchie and Ludehead, Picto-People and Durruti. $1.50

No. 3—The biggest one of the three. Kinney and Mavride’s adventures of a punk in an anarchist utopia is almost worth the cover price alone. Also, the original of “What Is Government?” plus numerous one-pagers and a Spain special: “Roman Spring.” $2.50

SIMULATIONS by Jean Baudrillard

“The very definition of the real has become: that of which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction.. The real is not only what can be reproduced, But that which is always already reproduced. The hyperreal…which is entirely in simulation.”

Semiotext(e) 159 pp. $3.95


Hot off the press. Under the post-holocaust cover, top underground cartoonists distill their personal brands of subversion and anarchy. Mavrides, Kinney, Spain and others.

Last Gasp, 40 pp. $2.50

FRANCE GOES OFF THE RAILS: The movements in France, Nov. 1986 – Jan. 1987.

A critique of the months that many compared to 1968: the students chanted, “’68 is old; ’86 is better.” But the authors of this text say, “Students are to be criticized, not only because of what they will become, but also because of what they already are: the most concentrated reformist force in society.” The second half of the text examines the implications of the nation-wide rail strike.

Blob & Combustion, 44 pp. 8.5 X 11 $1.50