Letters to the Editor


Fifth Estate # 33, July 1-15, 1967

Dear Editor:

Since you are one of the few progressive newspapers around, we have a special request for you. A group of citizens of Mill Valley, California are handling a National Stamp Drive to help equip our garage.

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to exchange stamps for a great deal of the equipment which keeps our cars operational for our field workers. Among the things which we have acquired are: electrical tire-changing apparatus, several battery chargers, analyzing machine, an air meter, voltage regulator machine, a wheel balancer, and three ’65 Falcon Econoline buses. This has been of invaluable service to us and our work.

Please send stamps to: Marin County Friends of SNCC, P.O. Box 210, Mill Valley, California.

We have been accepting all kinds of stamps and will continue to do so. However, the S & H Green, Clue Chip, Top Value, Holden Red and Gold Bond have been the most productive.

Yours in the struggle,

Stanley Wise
Executive Secretary
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

To Those Concerned:

There is a rumor revolving about the United States at present; It is just that: A rumor. The U.S.-Canadian border is still open and it will remain (with no foreseeable problems) OPEN.

The following is a list of current Canadian groups offering aid:

Committee On War Immigrants, Station B Box 3234, Calgary, Alberta

Edmonton Committee To Aid American War Objectors, Box 322, University of Alberta, P.O. Edmonton, Alberta

S.U.P.A Anti-Draft Program, 658 Spadina, Toronto, Ontario

Vancouver Committee To Aid American War Objectors, Box 4231, Vancouver, 9, British Col.

If you have the space, we would appreciate it if you could publish this list in one of your forthcoming issues.

In Peace,

Len Walker; Co-Executive Secretary
Montreal Council to Aid War Resisters
P.O. Box 231,
Westmount 6
Montreal, P. Q.

Dear Editor:

I thought you might want to know that recently after I sold the Fifth Estate at Cass Tech, I was stood up in front of my accounting class and called a bum and a dope addict and that all concerned with the Fifth Estate were a bunch of bums and dope addicts and on top of that he said that the editors did not even know what a dictionary was.

I said that if he did not enjoy me selling the paper that he should report me to the heads of the school and that it was their job to handle as such.

What do you think?

(Peppi) Qaniel Pappas.

Editor’s Note: He’s right about the dictionary.

Dear Fifth Estate:

Yesterday I asked my teacher at Hampton Elementary School how come policemen would do something illegal like to strike.

She said it was a silly question and then she said policemen are our friends. Well, I think policemen are our friends too, but I want to know why they would strike and leave us without protection.


Detroit, Mich.