PAR Benefits at Concept



Fifth Estate # 33, July 1-15, 1967

Benefit performances for People Against Racism will be given by the Concept East Theater on July 7th and 8th. Two plays, Edward Albee’s “A Zoo Story” and Leroi Jones’ “The Dutchman,” will be performed on Friday, July 7th. Laurence Blaine’s “Dark Nights, Angry Faces” will be performed on Saturday, July 8th. “Dark Nights, Angry Faces” consists of two two-act plays: “Prize Fight” and “The Meaning of Time.” Performances begin at 8:00 p.m. at the Concept East Theater, 401 East Adams. Tickets may be obtained by calling the PAR office, 962-3855.

Three of the four plays reflect various aspects of the lives of black Americans. PAR is presenting the plays to educate the white community to the oppression and struggle of the Afro-American. People Against Racism is a Detroit organization formed a year and a half ago to combat racism in the white community.