What to do

...if you are eating your breakfast on Thursday, June 15, 1967 and looking out of the window and see three narco police climbing around on the roof of the house next to your apartment...


Fifth Estate # 33, July 1-15, 1967

Pull the window shade. Walk calmly to the nearest telephone and call the Fifth Estate.

We will immediately dispatch a reporter, perhaps even an editor, to the scene.

He will arrive in time to see Detective Walter Scott of the Detroit Narcotics bureau emerge empty—handed from the house which is the living quarters of several hippies and cyclists.

Detective Scott will be accompanied by two other men whose identity is unknown but very suspect nevertheless.

They are armed and dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution.

Refreshed by their early morning roof climbing exercises, the three will then be observed to drive away in a 1965 light green Chevrolet—license number DD 7196. (A license number which the Secretary of State’s office informs us is “suppressed”—that is, its owner cannot be identified to the general public.)

Finish your breakfast. And next time, call the police.