Nothing Less than Totality


Fifth Estate # 330, Winter, 1988-89

Nothing Less than Totality, 3-panel cartoon is described in page text.

3-panel cartoon From P.O. Box 11492, Eugene, OR 97440

Panel 1 Text: Agriculture has been and remains a “catastrophe” at all levels, the one which underpins the entire material and spiritual culture of alienation now destroying us. Liberation is impossible without its dissolution.

Description: Drawing of a woman in a bed waking up at 6 o’clock. Speech balloon contains the panel text.

Panel 2 Description: Drawing shows the same woman standing up and stretching.

Panel 3 Text: With the abolition of private property, there might be a casual, perhaps transitional propagation of species a la Johnny Appleseed, who planted thousands of apple trees in the Ohio Valley with no regard for extorting production from the land via fences or plows, much less industrial poisons and machine harvesting.

Description: Drawing shows a woman’s hand holding a sheet of paper on which the text is printed.