Stop Worrying & Learn to Love the Bomb


Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

Editors’ Note: This article was sent to us by an airman stationed at a weather station in Florida. His name has been omitted to protect him from reprisal. // Share this on…

Nothing Less than Totality


Fifth Estate # 330, Winter, 1988-89

3-panel cartoon From P.O. Box 11492, Eugene, OR 97440 Panel 1 Text: Agriculture has been and remains a “catastrophe” at all levels, the one which underpins the entire material and spiritual culture of alienation now destroying us. Liberation is impossible …

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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain


Fifth Estate # 324, Fall, 1986

Over the last few months we received several responses to the centennial celebrations of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, including the following text, distributed by a group in NYC: Hi! I’m the AMAZING RON, and have I …

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A Christian Pogrom Against Voodoo


Fifth Estate # 324, Fall, 1986

The burning of witches and healers, the destruction of sacred places, forced conversion to the christian cross: this is not a description of the christian conquest of Europe and the original invasion of the Americas, but rather of the recent …

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Guatemala: A Country In Chaos


Fifth Estate # 321, Indian Summer, 1985

Since 1954, when a U.S.-backed coup toppled the democratically elected reformist government of Jacobo Árbenz, there has been a succession of military regimes aided by the U.S. The Guatemalan people, 60% of whom are Mayan Indians, have fought through both …

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Anarchist Festival in Barcelona


Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

from our Barcelona Correspondent Barcelona, Spain—at one time known as “the fiery rose of anarchism”—was the site of a lively Anarchist International Exhibition Sept. 27 to October 10, 1993. Several thousand people attended, with the majority being young and audiences …

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Free the Hunan iconoclasts


Fifth Estate # 342, Summer 1993

WHO ARE THEY: Yu Zhijian, age 27, formerly a teacher at the Tantou Wan Primary School in Dahu Township, Liuyang County, Hunan Province. Yu Dongyue, former fine-arts director of the Liuyang News. Lu Decheng, 28, previously an employee of the …

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The Empire Strikes Back at Itself


Fifth Estate # 341, Spring 1993

Media hoopla commemorating the Quincentennial of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the New World, however sanitized, should have convinced anyone paying attention that the Spanish conquest was a disaster for both Native Americans and Africans. // Share this on…

When someone invites you to vote, JUST SAY NO!


Fifth Estate # 340, Autumn 1992

They’re hee-ere! Yes, folks, it’s the quadrennial electoral charade where power-seeking charlatans attempt to craft tricky speeches and programs designed to convince people to abandon common sense and reason and elect them to political office. // Share this on…

Anarchist Resister Charged in Italy


Fifth Estate # 313, Summer, 1983

Resistance to the draft is happening around the world. The Fifth Estate recently received information from the editors of “A” Rivista Anarchica about Mauro Zanoni, a 20-year-old anarchist who was arrested February 13, 1983 in the “Pavia” di Pesaro, Italy …

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