The Medium is the Medium

"There is no equal"


Fifth Estate # 333, Winter, 1990

aborigines anticipate apocalypse…agriculture aggrandizes arable areas and allots acreage, assuming acquisition and alienation…arithmetic adds another abstract axis…authority appreciates art—already accepting abstractions’ ascendancy—as authenticating appearances…by banishing bounty, bureaucracy’s blackmail breeds bitterness between brothers behind benign banality; business believes boundless buying brings back bliss…commodity circulation controls current conditions completely, calculating career compulsions can continue consumption, constantly creating cruel contradictions, colonized consciousness, conveniently corrects…dreams distill dormant desires, darkly divining domestication’s demise…disrupting digital discourse dialectically demonstrates dash, dooming domination’s designer discipline…duplicity defeats double-driveling duplication…equations empower everyday economics, essentially encoding estranged enterprise; elegant ecstasy ebbs…”environment” equals earth?…formula for fusing formally fragments freed from function’s foundation: fully further facsimiles’ fulfilment; feature “forbidden” fantasies fully filmed; finally, fabricate fetishes fascinating feelings for fashion…grammar guards God’s grave…hell, having had heaven’s hallucinatory holiday haunting hearts held history’s hostage has hardly helped humanist hacks humble humanity’s heretical haughtiness…images interpose intermediating influences inside interests; insubordination is interested in insinuating illusion into identifying itself…insolence insists its intelligence is inimitably incendiary, illuminating irony’s impotence…just jeopardize jaded judges’ justice… know krime kan konjure komedy kontaining kommunist kontent…lush laughing lust launches life; lavishly littered likenesses, like, lessen life’s lure …language licenses lucidity logically; licentious lucidity loosens letters’ lock laughingly, luminously liquidating leaden logic…langorous looting lampoons leisure…modestly managing masso(s)chism(s) mutilates multitudes…matchless money makes mastery meaningless: modern mutiny must make meaning menace mediation: mimickry means mirror’s measure matched…nowadays nihilism’s nothing new…our offense? outwitting our overseers’ overly optimistic overthrow of our original obliquity…private property produces parity—parity portends production’s ponderous planet-punishing progress piss-pure puns parody preyfully…quality’s quintessence quickens…relentlessly replicating reality ripens revolts rigorously resisting representations’ recuperations; rewinding reality readies really radical reversals…school separates subjects, subjecting subjectivity so separations seem sane…scholastic scavengers scrutinize signs showing signification scarcely sustains synthetic scarcity…theory that threatens to transform the totality transgresses tedium; tongue-twisters tend to turn topsy-turvy the tyranny that things talking to themselves typifies…the training that teaches these throngs to trade themselves to time trembles…ultimately, understanding urban upsurges’ unconscious urges uncovers undercurrents undermining uncanily utility’s ugly unwitting velocity vitality, VDT’s vacuous veneer veils vast vulgarities: we wage war with words, withering wage work’s wearying world whenever we wield wit which wickedly widens wild wholeness while working wonders…xamining xiled xistence’ xtraordinary xhaustion xposes xpanding xports xtending xchange, xplicitly xpropriating xtreme xperiences’ xquisite xtasy, xalting xpedience xercised xhaustively; xorcising xtremely xact xpressions xhausts xpedience…your yoke yields yet you yawn…zzzzz…labor of Ludd, po box 11492, eugene, or, 97440, usa