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Fifth Estate # 338, Winter, 1992

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SACCO AND VANZETTI: The Anarchist Backround by Paul Avrich

Rather than focusing on the robbery and murder at the shoe factory near Boston, Avrich tells in this new book the absorbing stories of the lives of Sacco and Vanzetti as Italian immigrants and anarchists. Beginning with their childhoods, he describes their lives as shoe worker and fish peddler, and examines the movement that defined them, that was indeed their world.

Princeton Univ. Press 265 pp. $25.00

TERRORIZING THE NEIGHBORHOOD: American Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era by Noam Chomsky

Traces the origins, goals, and implications of U.S. foreign policy in the years following World War II. An analytical preface to the new world order ending with the Panama invasion, the first decisive American military action since 1945 not justified by the threat of “communism.”

Pressure Drop Press 63 pp. $6

ACT FOR YOURSELVES by Peter Kropotkin

This book consists of a score of articles which Kropotkin contributed to the British anarchist paper Freedom from 1886 to 1907. He intended these articles to be collected as a book, but for various reasons this didn’t happen at the time. It is only after a century that they are at last published as he wanted, with the title Act For Yourselves taken from one of them to express their message.

Freedom Press 131 pp. $6.50

FREE WOMEN OF SPAIN: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women by Martha A. Ackelsberg

Ackelsberg traces the efforts by Mujeres Libres to create an independent organization of and for working class women that would empower them to take their places in the revolution and in the new society. She argues that the anarchist analyses of domination and subordination and the centrality of notions of community can be important resources for contemporary feminists.

Indiana Univ. Press 256 pp. $15.00


A key text in the development of anarchist ideas first published in 1929. Berkman’s relevance is found not so much in the originality as the clarity of his writing. Contains gripping accounts of the Haymarket Martyrs, the case of Mooney and Billings, of Sacco and Vanzetti, the tragedy of the Communist destruction of the Russian Revolution (to which Berkman was an eyewitness), and more.

Phoenix Press 177 pp. $7.50

MISINFORMATION & MANIPULATION: An Anarchist Critique on the Politics of AIDS by Joe Peacott

Argues that while it is a serious health problem, AIDS is not the plague that the mainstream press, government and AIDS organizations say it is. Most people are at little risk of HIV infection, this pamphlet contends, and not only is government activity not the solution, but eliminating government intervention from health care and our lives altogether is the best way to fight AIDS.

B.A.D. Press 27 pp. $2.00

THE BRAVE COWBOY by Edward Abbey

The hero of this anarchist fable, Jack Burns, is a loner who refuses to accept the tyranny of the twentieth century. He rides his horse down the main street of Duke City and refuses to carry a draft card or any other form of identification. His stubborness makes him intolerable to the forces of law and order that control the New West. “A minor classic of Western literature.” (from the book jacket)

Univ. New Mexico Press 285 pp. $11.00

THE EDUCATION OF LITTLE TREE “A True Story” by Forrest Carter.

A funny, sad, culturally rich account of a Cherokee boyhood of the 1930s brings into focus the clash between folk life and modernity. The controversy over its authorship in some ways makes it even more intriguing (see article in News & Reviews).

Univ. of New Mexico Press 216 pp. $11

WILDCAT No. 15 Autumn 1991

These ultra-lefts always give a good read and this issue features an important lead article on “Counter-revolution in Russia-1921-1991” plus other pieces on Iraq, the fight against the British Poll tax, a review of a Fredy Perlman book, satanism and drugs. We’ve only got six, so order quickly or list an alternative.

Wildcat 32 pp. large format $3


An anarchist classic out of print in England for over 50 years. “Here is a suppressed tradition of philosophy and politics, which, as Marxist and capitalist ideology disintegrate or ossify, more and more people will be wanting to consider.” Peter Abbs in The Ecologist. “The ways that Kropotkin suggested, how (wo)men can at once begin to live better, are still the ways; the evils he attacked are…still the evils.” P. Goodman’

Freedom Press 205 pp. $9


Kropotkin’s best known work and one of the great works of revolutionary literature. In it he brings alive the ferment of ideas and movements in Europe of the late 19th century. If one wishes to know what it was like to be a revolutionary when it meant hounding, Siberia, imprisonment or death, here is the book that tells it first-hand.

Dover Publications 557 pp. $12.00


An anarchist classic which profoundly influenced theories of human biology. His thesis was propounded as a counterblast to the social conclusions drawn from the Darwinian “struggle for existence.”

Freedom Press 278 pp. $11

ECODEFENSE: A FIELD GUIDE TO MONKEYWRENCHING Edited by Dave Foreman and Bill Haywood Forward by Edward Abbey

This new, revised and enlarged second edition contains everything the wilderness defender needs to know about how to disable, dismantle, blowup, tear down, break, burn, destroy or otherwise stop the machinery, equipment, buildings, vehicles, etc. of those who are raping the earth for profit. Sabotage techniques are richly detailed with diagrams, first hand accounts and “field notes.”

Ned Ludd Books 311 pp. $12


The author was one of the founders of the Situationist International and this book was published in 1967, the same year as Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle. The two works were meant to complement each other.

Rebel/Left Bank 216 pp. [price omitted in original]


On March 31, 1990, class anger exploded in the most serious civil disturbance in central London in this century. Hundreds of thousands demonstrated and thousands fought pitched battles with police lasting several hours. This pamphlet, through a series of eyewitness accounts, provides a gripping description of resistance to the ruling class and its laws.

Acab Press 68 pp. $2.00

ABC OF ANARCHISM by Alexander Berkman

First published in 1929, Berkman’s work still remains one of the best introductions to the ideas of anarchism. Berkman was no mere theoretician, but a militant activist for much of his life. Berkman was a lifelong companion of Emma Goldman and served years in prison for political offenses. The book poses and then answers questions such as “Is Anarchy Possible?” and “Is Anarchism Violence?”

Freedom Press 86 pp. $5

QUIET RUMORS: An Anarcha-Feninist Anthology

Along with Voltarine de Cleyre’s essay “The Making of an Anarchist,” the collection includes writings by anarcha-feminists from the early 1970s which “illustrate the clear parallels existing between feminist practice—non hierarchical, anti-authoritarian and de-centralist—and the theories of anarchism.”—from the jacket.

Dark Star/Rebel Press 72 pp. $5.00


Contains over eighty texts—leaflets, articles, internal documents, film scripts, etc. from this seminal ultra-left grouping.

Bureau of Public Secrets 406 pp. $15

WORKER-STUDENT ACTION COMMITTEES: France, May ’68 by F. Perlman & R. Gregoire

See review this issue Black & Red $3.00

FACING WEST: The Metaphysics of Indian Hating & Empire Building by Richard Drinnon

From the first Puritan confrontation with Native Americans to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, there have been two constants in American Policy and purpose. One is a racism that perceives non-whites as at once childlike inferiors and murderous savages. The other is a hunger for new land and economic markets over which to exert control. Drinnon examines the course of American expansion westward to the Pacific, then to the Philippines, and finally to Vietnam.

Schocken Books 571 pp. $17.00


This devastating critique confirms the worst about the U.S. role in the Third World. It argues that the purpose of America’s global policy is to make the world safe for exploitation by U.S. corporate interests which requires the installation and support of military/police dictatorships.

South End Press 441 pp. $16.00

AFTER THE CATACLYSM Postwar Indochina & the Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology by Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman

A carefully documented assessment of Western reporting on post-1975 Indochina. Anyone who doubts the active dishonesty of America’s most prestigious liberal media should read this book.

South End Press 392 pp. $15.00


One of the most blasphemous books we have seen since the classics of sacrilege. The book jacket states: -His power grew over the ages. Enslaving minds and bodies through both religious hierarchies and direct telepathic control, Jesus Christ the Vampire promises people eternal life for the price of their minds.” Can a few teens, outcasts and anarchists foil the Christians’ plan for Armageddon?

111 Publishing 180 pp. $6.00

GOD AND THE STATE by Michael Bakunin

A classic text that has been a basic anarchist and radical document for generations. It is one of the clearest statements of the anarchist philosophy that religion is an impovrishment, enslavement, and annihilation of humanity. A manifesto of atheism.

Dover Publications, 89 pp. $5.00

ANARCHY COMIX Nos. 1 and 4

Number two and three of this incredibly popular series are now out of print and our stock of the editions remaining may be the last ones of those. So, if you’re after wild, wacky, politically relevant anarchy, drawn by a crew of international cartoonists, get ’em before they’re gone.

Last Gasp 48 pp. $2.50 each

Please Note: Soy Not Oi by Hippycore is out of print. As a rule, it is best to order only from the current issue or list an alternative choice.

LIVING MY LIFE by Emma Goldman

The turbulent autobiography of a woman at the center of the century’s major events. Although her life intersected with the famous figures of the era, it is the day-to-day struggles for anarchy which make this account come alive. This is the original two-volume edition first published in 1931.

Dover 993 pp. (2 volumes) $18