We Won’t Go!

We the undersigned men of draft age wish to announce that we refuse to be drafted into the United States Armed Forces.


Fifth Estate # 34, July 15-31, 1967

By withholding our participation, we are saying ‘No’ to the continuing barbarism of the Vietnam War. We are responsible for our actions. We openly say ‘No’ to conscripted military service.

Our refusal to participate in the madness of the Vietnam War in no way implies a renunciation of our country.

Our act of refusal is in fact, an act of loyalty because it aims at redeeming rather than smothering human potentiality here in the United States and around the world.

We are taking this stand both to assert our personal integrity and self-respect, and try to stem the kind of assumptions and policies exemplified by the Vietnam War. We urge all young men of draft age who can conscientiously do so, to assume responsibility for their lives and to join us in this stand.

[Name, Address, City]

The preceding statement is sponsored by the Detroit Draft Resistance Committee and endorsed by the Fifth Estate (its editors were among the first to sign). When several hundred signatures are accumulated, the list of names will be published in as many papers as possible. Later, a separate statement for women who support draft refusal will be issued.

Please return the statement to Draft Committee, c/o Vietnam Summer, 2631 Woodward, Room 220.

For further information call 963-7711.

Draft Center Moves

The Detroit Draft Counseling Center has moved to Central Methodist Church, Woodward at Adams. Its regular Sunday night sessions (8-10 p.m.) will continue with trained counselors prepared to give draft advice and answer questions. The service is free and the center reminds young men of draft age:

Do not assume you can’t be helped; do not listen to what your friends or draft board clerk tells you; always seek expert advice before making a decision; and DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE DRAFT; IT WON’T FORGET ABOUT YOU!