Fifth Estate Announcements


Fifth Estate # 344, Summer, 1994

Given our infrequent publishing schedule, it is often difficult to keep abreast of timely announcements for events across the world’s anti-authoritarian community, but we will try. Please understand, though, if your event does not appear, it may have come too close to our printing date. Send announcements to 4632 Second Ave., Detroit MI 48201.

Rhythm Activism at the Cass Cafe:

From Hardcore to Urban Rat Jazz, Montreal’s “rebel news orchestra,” Rhythm Activism, is going to “honk and twang” into Detroit’s Cass Cafe, 4620 Cass at W. Forest, Thursday, May 19, at 8:00 pm; Call (313) 831-6800 for info.

The band blends hardcore, “gypsy westerns,” and “urban rat jazz” into a melodic mix allowing them to slip comfortably into grunge clubs, theater festivals and even family gatherings such as Ukrainian weddings. Rhythm Activism is sometimes satirical and hard hitting; sometimes dreamlike and pleasant.

In Quebec, their informative and hilarious “community cabarets” dealing with welfare and housing rights have endeared them over the years to tens of thousands of Quebec’s poorest, who pack church basements and soup kitchens to hear the band live. RA’s discography consists of 24 releases including a new retrospective compilation CD entitled, “Buffalos, Burgers & Beer,” from Project A Bomb label in Minneapolis.

For other dates, booking information, or record orders, contact RA, PO BX 891, Station Des Jardins, Montreal PQ H5B 1B9, Canada.

Anarchy in the U.K.!, or Ten Days That Shook The World, is planned for Oct. 21-30 in London as what its organizers promise will be “the biggest ever anarchist festival.” They are planning for “all currents of anarchist thought, practice, culture, history and lifestyle” to be represented in its events. They promise workshops plus “anarchist film and video, anarchist bands day and night, comedy, poetry, raves, dancing and the best ten days of social life you’re ever going to experience.”

They expect worldwide participation and “massive anarchist street mobilization.” Registration fee is 25 pounds for all-event access. For more information, the provisional program (send $2.50), offers to help, donations, etc., write: Anarchy in the U.K. ’94, PO BX 96, Bristol BS99 1BW, UK.

What are you doing this summer? You can join Earth First! and other forest activists in defending one of the most critical wild areas left in the U.S.—Cove-Mallard in central Idaho. This will be the third summer of resistance to save the area, and great numbers of participants are needed. For a brochure outlining the details of this important project write: The Cove/Mallard Coalition, PO BX 8968, Moscow ID 83843; (208) 882-9755.

Earth First! activists are holding their annual important, interesting, boisterous, Round River Rendezvous July 3-11 on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. Contact Katuah EF!, PO BX 1485, Ashville NC 28802; (704) 656-2517.

Autonomous Octopus, 370 Marie-Anne E., in Montreal, is open seven days a week from 1-10 pm with collective meetings, Sundays at 3 pm. The space has a free kitchen, a food and clothes depot, library, and features speakers and music events. Phone (514) 843-4528.

The Baltimore Anarchist Collective has opened Croatan, a community space, at 1237 Hollins St. in the city’s South West section. It needs donations of literature sent to BAC Croatan Project, PO BX 4309, Baltimore MD 21230.

The Anarchist Agitation Coalition is forming a loose federation of groups in the Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia area. Contact them at PO BX 18220 ASU, Boone NC 28608.

Anarchists in southern Ohio have formed the Columbus Autonomous Collective and plan publishing a paper and pamphlets, actions/demos and hopefully, a community space. Contact them at PO BX 10178, Columbus OH 43201

The Epicenter Zone, a not for profit, volunteer-run record store and community center in central San Francisco is trying to increase their library of alternative press material. The same is true for Minneapolis’ Emma Center, which operates a vibrant community space as well.

Both projects would like complimentary subs to papers and zines, old copies of publications and donations of anti-authoritarian books. Contact the Epicenter at 475 Valencia, San Francisco CA 94103; (415) 431-2725; and the Emma Center at 3451 Bloomington Ave. S., Minneapolis MN 55407; (617) 729-5498.

Bobee wrote from Washington state to tell us The Harrison and Turner Book Co., (404 S. Washington St., Olympia WA 98501; 206/754-2151) stocks anarchist books and publications. Bobee holds anarchist Tea Times from time to time; contact him at PO BX 10096, Olympia WA 98501.

Down To The Wire is a new pamphlet containing the history and writings of anarchist prison activist John Perotti. John has been in prison for twenty years, since he was 19. His activities on behalf of other prisoners in the Ohio system led to frequent beatings and disciplinary punishment plus additional sentences to make his release date 2036. Proceeds from the sale will go to John’s legal expenses. Send $7 to the John Perotti Defence Fund, 45A Bedford Ave., Aberdeen, Scotland, AB2 3YL, UK or contact your local @ bookseller.