Save Detroit’s Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ)


Fifth Estate # 345, Winter, 1995

The Trumbull Theater Collective brings together a diverse group of people for the radical project of creating an authentic egalitarian community. We offer low-cost, self-governed, cooperatively-owned, non-profit, communal housing for community activists, students & young families in two, deteriorating, 100-year-old mansions in Detroit’s inner city. Also, there is a theater and meeting space attached to one of the houses. We strive to embody the anarchist principles of voluntary association, mutual aid, & human liberation. We see the Trumbull as an anti-authoritarian center of art & activism based on anti-racist action, feminism, queer liberation, ecology and anarchy.

Boogie Without Bosses & Borders:

Music & theater performances from

punk to jazz, funk to film, poetry to politics

During the past year since the collective’s inception, the theater has shown an increasing commitment to radical projects. In May 1994, we hosted a gathering of over 100 autonomous zone & anarchist community center activists from all over North America. We have provided a venue for numerous fund-raising activities for anti-authoritarian projects as well as benefits for aid to El Salvador, a bail fund for local anti-nuclear activists, the defense committee for political prisoner Leonard Peltier and other causes.

We Need Help!

Immediate house and theater repairs & renovations are necessary to make Trumbull a healthy, viable, living situation. Work includes new roofs for both houses & the theater, & a boiler for one house. Dreams of a permanent autonomous zone will be realized only if we find material support from friends & comrades who believe this is an important undertaking. Supporting the Trumbull Theater means supporting the goal of forging a new “society based on mutual aid, voluntary cooperation & the liberation of desire.” With your assistance, we create a new world in the shell of the old (literally, our houses are old shells).

Make checks payable to: Wayne Association for Collective Housing.

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