Clinton’s Penis Attacks Hussein

From Russia With Love


Fifth Estate # 351, Summer 1998

MOSCOW—Sometimes I wonder who has more sexual hang-ups: Moscow anarchists or Bill Clinton? Only serious perverts can truly understand Clinton’s conflict with Iraq as more than the quest for domination; it’s penis envy of Zhirinovsky-esque proportions, the sublimated sexual aggression of two presidents played out on the world political stage.

Every day the saga of Blow Me Bill unravels, revealing new dimensions in the psychosexual. We ponder the myriad social implications in the unfolding drama: perversion and harassment, power and lust, the insistent shock of the press. And, think of Saddam, the misogynist creep, with his something to prove, his hatred of opposition, and his rejection of the free-loving Italian porno-politician Cicciolina—a sure sign that he can’t get it up unless a chick’s in a veil.

With such rich, fairy tale subject matter, we set out to protest against the threat of war in Iraq, against the sublimated sexual aggression of presidents the world over, against the role of media prostitutes (“journalists”), surrogate sexual voyeurism via pseudo-scandals, bourgeois morality-for free love and a world without rockets, presidents and the Moral Majority.

The name of the action, simply: MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.

The initial idea was for an artistic representation of the problem as we saw it: one dimensional figures of Clinton, Hussein and Monica Lewinsky with her face cut out-the symbolic everywoman, sexual body, any brain will do-put yourself in her place. Clinton and Hussein had moveable penises shaped as rockets that shot out fireworks; a separate hand-held papier mache penis ejaculated at each shot.

More and more individuals with group complexes joined up: The Fighting Amazons/Direct Action Group; The Moscow Committee for Sexual Revolution; the Emma Goldman Dancing Brigade; The No-Limits Journalist Association; the Sigmund Freud Family Circle; the Union of Offended Secretarieg-, the Alexandra Kollantai and Princess Diana Groups of the “No Shame Society”; The Initiative for video cameras in Presidential Chambers; and the Moscow Section of the American-Iraqi Friendship Society. Enough for proper street theater.

On March 7, our theater action took place outside the American Embassy in Moscow. Among those represented were Bill, Monica and Saddam, Bill’s Pen-is (a boy in a plastic bag, complete with balloon balls), the 6th Fleet, a harem, the press, Sigmund Freud and a storyteller.

Bill’s Penis was very well played, getting hard, getting soft, desperately harassing women and aggressively attacking Hussein. Bill himself was busy sloganeering cliches such as, “More Women in the White House.” Millions of TV viewers across Russia got an unusually long look at the action, but, keeping true to soft-porn traditions, they didn’t show any dick! And Monica in drag sent out memorable wishes of the day to the women of Russia on the upcoming Women’s Day holiday.