Impeach Clinton

...for his crimes against the people of Iraq, not for some stupid sex scandal


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

Clinton’s US/UN imposed sanctions have already killed 10 percent of the Iraq population. 1.5 million people are dead which includes 6000 children who die monthly. The economic sanctions are weapons of mass destruction. They are a crime against humanity that have served to strengthen Hussein, weakened his opposition, and failed to force him to comply with UN resolutions.

Every sentence of Clinton’s late-December speech justifying the bombing of Iraq—the act of shooting fish in a barrel dubbed “combat”—was a lie. Despicable as Hussein may be, he represents no threat to the U.S. and little to countries in the region. Bombing this former U.S. asset is done to secure Anglo-American oil revenues, test military equipment, affirm the right of the U.S. to strike anywhere on the globe, and, when need be, act as a diversion from domestic problems. U.S. Out of the Middle East!