Miscellaneous notes


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

Note on Love & Rage

A dreary, final issue of the federation’s newspaper dated Fall 1998 reached us after the article to the left was written. [“Love & Rage Implodes,” FE #352, Winter, 1999 ] The faction shedding anarchism presents its version of the breakup in disturbingly leftist terms. Issues are available from POB 853, Stuy. Sta., New York NY 10009.

Undaunted by their experience, the ex-L&Rers are creating a new organization which “will be more consistent in making sure its members live up to expectations of membership that are appropriate to a serious revolutionary organization.” They also say they “have deliberately chosen not to identify as an anarchist organization.”

If you read our articles on Love & Rage over the years, this has to be one of the major cases of “we told you so.” Why don’t they just join the Spartacist League? They’d have a little authoritarian gang and bureaucracy already in place.

The other side has also published its version of events and, similarly undaunted, calls for a “Fresh Revolutionary Anarchist Group.” Contact them at L&R, POB. 24952, Detroit MI 48224 for their position paper.

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Freddie Baer’s chilling collage and an earlier version of David Watson’s poem, “Khafji,” appeared in Ecstatic Incisions, a collection of Freddie’s collages from numerous publications including this one. It is available for $12 from AK Press, PO Box 40682, San Francisco CA 94140; 415—864-0892; www.akpress.org. The 1999 AK catalog of books, CDs and posters is available from them as well.

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