Statement of Ownership, Management & Circulation


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

Title of publication: Fifth Estate. Publication number: 710420. Date of Filing: February 24, 2000. Frequency of Issue: quarterly. Annual subscription price: $10. Complete mailing address 4632 Second Ave., Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan 48201. Publisher: The Fifth Estate Newspaper. Editor: None. Managing Editor: None. Owner: The Fifth Estate Newspaper, 4632 Second Ave., Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan 48201. Known bondholders, mortgages, and other security holders: None. Extent and nature of circulation (a) average number of copies each issue during the preceding 12 months; (b) actual number of single issue published nearest to filing date. Total number copies (net press run). (a) 5000; (b) 5000. Paid and or requested circulation: Sales through dealers and vendors: (a) 2424; (b) 2339. Mail subscriptions:

(a) 853;

(b) 823.

Total paid and or requested circulation:

(a) 3277,

(b) 3126.

Free distribution by mail:

(a) 150;

(b) 150.

Free distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers and Other Means)

(a) 1350;

(b) 1350.

Total free distribution:

(a) 1500;

(b) 1500.

Total distribution:

(a) 4777;

(b) 4662.

Copies not distributed:

(a) 223,

(b) 338.

Return from news agents:

(a) 0;

(b) 0.


(a) 5000;

(b) 5000.

Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation:

(a) 70%;

(b) 68%.

I certify that the above statements are correct and complete: Peter Werbe, Business Mgr.