Fifth Estate # 36, August 15-31, 1967

The filthy streets of Detroit’s Warren-Forest Area, center of the city’s hippie community, will be the scene of a giant Sweep-In Sunday, August 20.

The Sweep-In, planned by Trans-Love Energies as a last-ditch effort to rid the Warren-Forest Area of such foul elements as discarded beer bottles, garbage and old copies of The News, was decided upon after Trans-Love tried unsuccessfully to convince the DPW that it should exercise its craft in the stricken area.

When asked about the scheduled Sweep-In, Pun Plamondon of Trans-Love replied, “The only way to get anything done in Detroit is to do it yourself.” His statement has been verified by the DPW’s refusal to clean up the area, long one of the city’s most neglected sections.

Plamondon contacted Action Line, which has arranged for a huge supply of brooms to be made available for the event. Residents of and visitors to the Warren-Forest Area are asked to come by and help make the streets safe for the many barefoot children and hippies who live in the area.

For anyone who is tired of breathing dust and stumbling over debris, the Sweep-In is an opportunity to do something about the situation.

The Sweep-In will begin at 2:00 p.m. and will be followed by a potluck picnic in the Warren-Forest Park to celebrate the victory over grime. Trans-Love urges everyone to come by and add his energies to the day’s affairs.