Fifth Estate # 36, August 15-31, 1967

Send to the Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren, Detroit, Mich. 48201, phone 831-6800

All unclassified ads must be paid in advance by mail or personal delivery.

For Sale: IBM Executive electric typewriter, excellent condition, all we have left to sell. Trans-Love Energies, 4863 John Lodge, Detroit 48201. Call 831-6800 and make an offer. Will take electric Smith – Corona portable in trade, or will listen to what you might offer.

Want photos Detroit riots. Payment on publication. Mail with return envelope to Angry Arts, 902 N. La Jolla, Los Angeles, 90046.

Penny—Please contact. All is forgiven. Mother, Toni, Eva. Love you. 331-0132, 825-0223.

Horseshit Magazine has a display ad in this issue. Find it and read about our experiences with frightened bookstore owners.

Young bachelor has 4 bedroom house. Would like to share with 3 or 4 attractive girls. Call Jim, VI 1-3454 anytime after 10 p.m.

HAND MADE Sandals—$10 – $14. One fitting required. Guaranteed work. Mike. 832-4261 or 4328 Commonwealth, Detroit.

$25 REWARD for information leading to the recovery of a dark brown Martin (Model 0017) guitar taken from my car on Plum St. on July 22. Call Karl at TI 6-0256.

Arthur Wenk: Chicagoan Joni worried.

Trans-Love needs help! Rent and bills are overdue and out of sight. THEY took our telephone out. We can appeal only to you for help. Please help us—send money if you can. Everything helps. And thank you to those who have sent us help in the past— we love you! We have to go on with our program, and we can only do as much as we can afford. Patrons needed—anyone who can donate money to us on a regular and substantial basis get in touch with us—4863 John Lodge, corner of Warren. THANK YOU!

Freelance decorative design; ads, posters, illustrations. C. Keelan 871-1882.

Ollie Anderson—we have your ID at the Fifth Estate office—come pick it up.

POSTER and button distributors needed. Have all fast moving mdse. Plenty of customers in your area. Platt Mfg. Co., 420 So. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone 6284065.

Beatle Paul McCartney interviewed in Special Back Issue of 5th Estate. Send 15 cents to 5th Estate, 923 Plum St.

Next time you TURN ON, use a brass hash pipe. $1.50 from Morgan-Love, Box 551, N.Y., N.Y. 10003. Catalog 25 cents. Dealer inquiries invited.

For Sail, ’66 Mini-Cooper “S”. Has roll bar partially installed, 3 new SP41s. May pay off. Call 261-3517 and ask for Tom.

Young writer seeks poems and short stories from others, for book. No payment, stamped, self – addressed for return. Grasshopper Gazzette, 3822 W. 13 Mile, Apt. B-8, Royal Oak, Mich. 48072.

ILLUSTRATED catalogue 10 cents, The Mad Peck, Dept. C, Box 2307, Providence, R.I. 02906.

Esoteric guitar lessons in the realms of folk, rock, blues, raga, banjo. Sid Spikedriver, 873-7305.

Buttons, posters, diffraction jewels, BYM, Box 783, Berkeley, Calif. 94701.

Trans-Love Energies for hire: Mimeographing, editing, writing, publishing services (John and Dave Sinclair); custom sandal-making (Pun); art-work, designs, posters, advertising flyers (Gary Grimshaw); photography of all kinds (Magdalene Sinclair, Emil Bacilla); also handy man work jobs, house painting, moving, etc.

We need money! Also lectures, poetry readings, rock and jazz music, discussions — we can do all that for money! Trans-Love Energies, 4863 John Lodge, Detroit, also at 923 Plum Street, 2nd floor—evenings and weekends.