Fifth Estate # 361, Summer 2003

We dedicate this Issue to the World-Wide Peace Movement & to Rachel Corrie: Martyr for Justice.

Following the Empire’s triumphal march to Baghdad, it seems appropriate to express our deep regret at being unable to stop Bush’s long-planned war to control Middle East oil, while simultaneously celebrating our participation in history’s largest mass movement for peace.

Our sadness at the slaughter perpetrated by the US war machine and our dismay at the Empire’s advance is balanced by the thought that this is yet another battle along the path to eliminating the rule of elites forever. And, this time we mobilized ourselves in the tens of millions in peaceful demonstrations and in street battles. At least 7,500 were arrested in direct actions to stop the Iraq war in the US alone.

But for some, the cost was greater than arrest. We dedicate this issue to Rachel Corrie, who was murdered by a US financed Israeli bulldozer in Palestine. Others fell as well to the Republican Guard of the Empire. We honor them all.