About our themes and upcoming issues


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Since our Fall 2002 edition, we’ve begun to use regular themes to encourage wider participation from our extended community of collaborators and to provide an opportunity to look more deeply into the most compelling ideas, questions, and struggles facing anti-authoritarians today. To that end, we’d like to provide a “sneak preview” into probable future themes. This winter, we’ll look at “Culture, Race, and Ritual” (see page 45 for “the call”). Next spring, we’ll take on two taboo topics: Conspiracy and Elections. Over the summer, we will turn our hearts and minds to The Wild. In the Fall of 2004, we’ll address unschooling and anti-authoritarian education for people of all ages. By Spring 2005, we’ll be ready to look at the History of the FE in more depth as we begin to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We’ve already started planning the Revolution Everywhere Tour for 2005, including stops at the Anarhchist Book Fair in San Francisco, the Allied Media Conference in Northwest Ohio, and other key gatherings TBA.