Live the Revolution Now

Reprint from "2, 3, Many Chicagos", Fifth Estate #61 September 1968


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Perhaps the most important thing we learned in Chicago is that we are right. We suspected it all along, but it took clubs and gas and Humphrey’s grinning face to cinch it. We know now for sure that the values of this society are fraudulent and used only to support the unjust system that benefits only the few in positions of economic and political power. The values that we have begun to devise through living and struggling together are superior to the ones of this society. They are revolutionary values and all of us that are serious must begin to live the revolution now as well as struggling to make it a reality.

All the divisions between hippies, Yippies, politicos, and McCarthy kids were dropped on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Balboa and it will remain so. We are all one and we have to get it on because we have no other choice.