Song for the Earth Liberation Front


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Civil disobedience

Has many permutations

You can block the streets in front of

The United Nations

You can lay down on the tracks

Keep the nuke trains out of town

Or you can pour gas on the condo

And you can burn it down



So here’s a toast to the night

Three cheers and a grunt

To the Earth Liberation Front

The Earth Liberation Front


You can go to Senate hearings

Wait til they call your name

My hat is off to anyone

With the will to play that game

But if you want to know the truth

What warms my aching heart

Is to see the masked avengers

Come to tear the road apart

(Repeat Chorus)

There are so many things of beauty

In this world to see

A wild, running river

Or an old-growth redwood tree.

But in such an ugly situation

So sinister and dire

There’s nothing quite so lovely

As a Wal-Mart on fire

(Repeat Chorus)

They’ll tell you that it’s violent

To destroy a logging truck

These are the very people

Who’d kill the planet for a buck

Talk to the governor

Be reasonable, they say

Maybe we can talk tomorrow

But we can pull the crops today

(Repeat Chorus)