Tales From The Police State


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Human Shields Fined

Recently, several American peace activists, who traveled to Iraq to act as “human shields”, have been notified that they are subject to fines and jail time by the US Government. The government is fining the activists $10,000 for traveling to Iraq in violation of US sanctions against Iraq.

Indy Infoshop Intimidated

As local activist groups planned for the National Governor’s Association meetings in Indianapolis, members of the Solidarity Books Collective became aware of increased surveillance of their activities. The night before the governor’s were to arrive, the collective house was raided by local law enforcement: Under the false premise of having received a tip about fire code violations, Indianapolis Fire Department, Health Department and Indianapolis Police Department officers entered the home. They claimed they did not need a warrant and later denied that police entered the building. A video tape has been released proving otherwise. Outside, the bomb squad, ATF, and at least two officers from the Seattle, Washington police department, harassed the individuals who had come to the collective home that night for a show. Police announced that they had been looking for “weapons; and chemicals” in the residence and infoshop, and admitted they found nothing. Police harassment continued Throughout the weekend.

Another Anarchist Framed

RedRed, a Portland anarcha-feminist involved in autonomous community building and support, has been targeted for more than usual state repression. RedRed was in Sacramento in late June for the anti-WTO protests. She was picked off the streets by the pigs and charged with having a gas mask. Later, those charges were dropped and she was charged with felony destruction of property. In a not so surprising twist, it has been revealed that the window was discovered broken after RedRed had already been arrested.

Here is an excerpt from RedRed’s public statement: “I have had five court appearances and am still in the indictment phase of my case. The District Attorney is dragging out my case due to lack of evidence, but pressure from the Sacramento police department keeps her from dropping the charges. I am potentially facing five years if the charges stick, and need your support. I make this call for solidarity because I still want to be an active organizer in our community, and I fear what will happen to our movement if they continue to capture us one by one. Together, we can resist and overcome the forces of brutality that attempt to silence us.” RedRed has asked that we contact the Sacramento DA and demand that the charges be dropped: Sacramento D.A. 901 G St., Sacramento, CA 95814; phone: 916-874-6218 fax: 916-874-5340; email: dawebmail@saccounty.net

Feds Refuse to Release Radical Religious Pacifist

American Eco/Peace prisoner Helen Woodson is facing the possibility of life imprisonment because the US authorities regard her as too high a risk to be released. The US authorities believe that if she is released, Helen will commit another Eco/Peace direct action. In her defense Helen has assured them they are absolutely correct.

Here is an excerpt from Helen’s recent statement:

“Human beings have waged war on life itself. 200 million people have been killed in modern wars. I am personally responsible for the weapons—military, economic, political and judicial—that destroy God’s creation. And I must also be responsible for the repentance of heart and action that will lead to their disarmament. That process has repeatedly brought me into conflict with the law, and by my March 2004 release date, I will have served more than 20 years in prison. I am being asked to agree to terms of supervision that substitute government authority for my conscience and faith. This brings me to conscientious objection. Euphemia, another early saint, said that when the laws of man are contrary to God ‘they must not only be disobeyed; they must be resisted.’ I can not agree to the terms of supervision, and I hereby reaffirm my commitment to disobey and resist those manmade laws which are contrary to God. In conscience and faith, and in the spirit of that Peace of God, I continue resistance to the war on life.”

You May Be Bugged

Long time radical environmental activist Rod Coronado recently discovered that his car and those of his girlfriend and a roommate were fitted with covert GPS tracking devices. Rod Coronado had recently been to northern California where he helped with the campaign to save the Redwood Forests. Redwood loggers Maxxam/Pacific Lumber recently aired radio ads labeling Rod and Earth First! “ecoterrorists.”

Kansas Anarchists Confront Giuliani

Protesting the elitists attending a $500-a-plate dinner Monday to see former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani receive an award, Lawrence, Kansas anarchists took to the streets and clashed with police in late July. A total of 16 protesters were arrested during scuffles with Lawrence Police near the Holidome.

Nearly 60 protesters blocked traffic as they marched in the streets to the site of the dinner. Some protesters carried large boxes filled with paper trash. On the front of the boxes were pictures of Dole, Giuliani, and President Bush. The word “tyrant” was scribbled over the photos.