Thank you!

Fundraising & benefits bring in needed cash


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Since the Fifth Estate refuses to publish the voice of capital, advertisements—the normal source of financing ‘newspapers—we depend on you through your subscriptions, newsstand purchases, and donations to insure our survival.

This issue was made possible through a combination of the above sources as well as a series of regional benefits held on our behalf. The most recent ones occurred in Chattanooga, Asheville, “Punk-n-holler,” and Detroit and combined raised over $1000, with $850 coming from the latter event alone. This provided us with almost half of what we needed to print, mail, and ship this issue. So, thanks to the many performers, organizers, and attendees who made them so successful.

We urge the planning of more shows but not just to fund this newspaper. Such events have the added benefit of bringing people together in a community festivity as well as providing a forum for local talent to express themselves and entertain us. Please notify us of any benefits in the works because we’re likely to show up.

Also, numerous readers have joined what we’ve come to call our “$100 Club,” those who have seen our request for donations and gave an exceedingly generous amount. We haven’t yet thanked individually those of you who contributed that amount, so let this be a collective expression of gratitude along with others who have sent anywhere from an extra dollar upwards. We can’t do it without you.

Thanks to our collaborations with the recently formed Allied Media Projects (AMP) as a fiscal sponsor, we may now accept tax-deductible donations made out to them. Founded by the people who bring you Clamor and the Allied Media Conference, AMP is committed to radical and alternative media education.

So keep sending what you can, join our Sustainers group, renew your subscription, or hold a benefit. We pay no salaries, so every penny we raise goes into maintaining the Fifth Estate’s regular schedule and expanding our publishing efforts.