Breaking & Entering

Project to Document Harassment of Infoshops and Autonomous Zones


Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004

This project is seeking personal accounts of surveillance, violence, and repression upon temporary and permanent autonomous zones (convergence centers, info shops, community centers, squats, collectives, etc…). Titled Breaking and Entering: State Repression of Autonomous Zones, this book will be comprised of individual perspectives of raids, supplemented with theory-based analysis of repression. The effectiveness of this documentation relies on the participation of those who have been subjected to police repression.

Through this compilation of accounts we will be able to compare similarities between the actions of the authorities (how, when, what sort of force, etc…), their effects on our communities, and also our responses to the repression.

From this, we seek to learn valuable lessons in security and pro-actively confront this epidemic. If you or anyone you know has been involved in an act of state repression, or witnessed an assault on an autonomous zone, we urge you to contribute to this project. For details regarding submission specifics, please contact us.

Breaking and Entering
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