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Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004


Intro: Primitivism & The Wild, page 17

Derrick Jensen on the Future, page 18

Green Anarchy & Oil Depletion, page 23

Peter Wilson On Domestication & Luddism, page 27

Our Enemy, The State, page 31

All Isms Are Wasms, page 34

Swamp Fever, page 38

Wolves, page 41

Mars First, page 42

Against History! page 45

Forces Of Darkness, page 46

Take Back the Night, page 47

A Race For Time, page 48

The End of the World, page 49

News, Reviews, Etc.

Empire Flounders In Iraq, page 5

Bring The War Home, page 7

Andrew Stern In Baghdad, page 8

Draft Resistance, page 9

Corporate Mercenaries, page 10

Social Peace Is Over, page 11

Blackout In New York, page 12

Anarchists Gather, page 14

Tales Of Resistance, page 15

Letters, page 50

Ross Winn, page 55

Firebrand Community Center, page 58

Honoring Lyx Ish, page 59

Calendar Of Events, page 61

Bookstore From The Barn, page 62

On the cover we feature some amazing archival art by Seed, from the Liberation News Service in 1971. On the back cover and throughout the issue, we welcome the new, original illustrations of Ally Greenhead.

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