Call for Submissions

Send us your ideas & images for FE 367, "Economy & Community"


Fifth Estate # 366, Fall, 2004

As we go to print, the US Ministry of Fatherland Security has just raised its color-coded freakout level to ORANGE, citing “credible and specific” terrorist threats against “financial institutions in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC.” Sure, we all hate capitalism, but what is it, exactly, that inspires people to load a truck with dynamite and drive it into the lobby of a stock exchange? Would desperate terrorists plot for four years to blow up a community-supported agricultural farm, a free store, a mutual-aid labor exchange center, or a file-sharing website?

Contribute your thoughts, experiences, investment tips and artwork on the theme of “Economy & Community” for the next issue of Fifth Estate. Possible topics might include: neo-feudalism, the corporate State, loan sharks, flea markets, black markets, shoplifting, private-property cargo cults, bartering, gifting, gambling, community currency, collective income-sharing, anti-consumerism, credit debt, counterfeiting, Five-Year Plans, Tobin Tax, ethical banking, drug-dealing, telemarketing crank calls, war profiteering, stealing The Wall Street Journal, jobless recoveries or recovering joblessness.

Artists: please contact us! DEADLINE for PROPOSALS: October 1



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