There is no ‘hippie movement’ and there are no ‘hippie leaders’

reprint from Fifth Estate, May 30, 1967


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

“Leaders” are created by the media image freaks and sold to the people to keep them happy. They have to have “leaders” or nothing could get done-why, they certainly couldn’t do it themselves. Or could they? The media exists to keep people from asking that question, and it has done a pretty good job of blinding them to their own absolute reality, that they are FREE and can do anything they want to, if they believe in it hard enough.

What I am trying to get at is this: There is no “hippie movement,” it can’t be explained away like that, and there are no “hippie leaders” in the terms that the media people would give you, a group of superior beings who dream up and direct all activity and then “give” it to you.

There are a lot more people involved in this revolution than the media could stand to have you believe-in fact, everyone who is changing within himself, anyone who is changing himself now, is a leader of the revolution–because that’s what the revolution is all about.

The media only exists because you let it exist, and you can make it change as soon as you get hip to it. Don’t buy their images–create your own, and throw them back at the machine. It won’t know what to do, because then it won’t be able to control you.