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Fifth Estate # 372, Spring 2006


Bush League Spectacles: Empire, Politics, and Culture in Bushwhacked America by Fran Shor (Factory School 2005) $13

“In the aftermath of 9/11, many of us looked to the Internet for the desperately needed analysis that was pushed out of the corporate media, and it’s there that we found writers such as Fran Shor. Combining an academic’s careful research and a political activist’s quest for justice, Shor speaks plainly and speaks with passion in these essays that analyze the political and cultural crisis of the contemporary United States.”

–Robert Jensen


Gothick Institutions by Peter Lamborn Wilson (Xexoxial 2005) $14

As wrinkled love letters from our spiritual ancestors, these poems pack the dense gratification of the best prose. Looking to the past as well as the future, these pagan pathways pry open imaginal possibilities, hints for further reading and radical fantasy. A welcome and rebellious brew of a book from our comrades at Dreamtime Village.

T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey (Autonomedia 1991, 2000) $8

An instantaneous classic when first printed in the early 1990s, this text still challenges its readers to seek utopia in the real, in the crevices of the possible. However blasted as bombastic, puerile, and hedonistic by people who view anarchist revolution as an evangelical church camp for prude ex-leftists and recovering Catholics, Bey’s poetic missives are manifestos for those who go beyond politics, the sensuous pirates whose pleasure needs no excuse. Translated into numerous languages, widely available on the Internet for free, claimed as inspiration by Burning Man and Rainbow Gathering devoteees, this text deserves its second edition and its home in your library where you can file it under indispensibly intoxicating and inspirational. –Anu Bonobo

Recipes for Disaster (CrimethInc 2005) $12

Just in time for your next action or affinity group meeting, the creative collaborators known as Crimethinc. have released their own version of an anarchist cookbook. With over 600 pages of practical anecdotes and tactical testimonials, this weighty manual was printed practically at cost, to make it more readily available to radicals.

Creating Anarchy by Ron Sakolsky (Fifth Estate Books 2005) $15

Twenty chapters in a dynamic collage of ideas and action. This vibrant collection glows with flames of discontent and defiance and flows with waves of laughter and possibility. Ranging widely from Mayday to Utopia, from Refusal to Autonomy, and from Insurrection to Imagination, this compilation is in turn defiant, reflective, and playful–a brick for hurling through the windows of despair and a doorway to creating an anarchy that is not afraid to dream.

Against the Megamachine by David Watson (Autonomedia 1998) $14

David Watson has been less prolific in the FE since the turn of the century, but his critical voice remains no less important. For readers wanting an introduction to this publication’s formative texts from the 1980s and 1990s, Watson delivers the goods. Wide-ranging essays ponder such themes as the state, empire and war, humanity’s tragic relation to the natural world, and the contemporary mass society generated by industrial capitalism and modern technology.

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