Writings of Diane DiPrima


Fifth Estate # 373, Fall 2006

photo, Diane Di Prima, 1960s
Diane Di Prima, 1960s

archangel of fire

enwraps now melts glaciers

turf unexposed

angelic aeons trembles


under a vengeful sun

–Diane DiPrima
August 3, 2002

green shack in Richmond

tag on the door sez “Merlin’s”

just that

–Diane DiPrima
March 23, 2003
Train to Sacramento


true poppies:

red & white

black opium hearts

not the state

sanctioned orange

only if there is no history at all

can this shame prevail

every shard of cunieform pressed into clay tablet

every shred of ancient weaving

every fragment of myth or whispered family tale

gives the lie

to what we are now living

–Diane DiPrima
June 2006

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