Fifth Estate # 375, Spring 2007

This edition begins our 42nd year of continuous publishing as the longest running, English language anarchist publication in American history. We’ve got a ways to go to catch the Yiddish language Freie Arbeiter Stimme (Free Voice of Labor) which printed for 87 years, but we’re hot on the heels of the Italian Dunata dei Refrattari, which published between 1922 and 1971.

Someone made the point that every issue of the Fifth Estate is about revealing what’s beneath the surface of capital, its culture, its crimes, and its political manifestation, the state. However, we emphasize that as a theme to make clear that truth under capitalism is always right in front of your face, but always behind your back. To illustrate the point, the issue begins with an institution most all of us enjoy–the restaurant, but with a look behind the scenes. Walker Lane offers a critique of Hugo Chavez with help from Venezuelan comrades; Cara Hoffman’s “Third Sex” relates the consequences to gender inherent in the Christian origins myth. Stevphen Shukaitis and Jim Feast add a theoretical look at current trends within the anarchist movement and what possibilities they suggest. Roger Farr looks at the use of slang and argot by the “dangerous classes.”

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Guy DeBord’s Society of the Spectacle; French riots and Danish resistance are examined by Charles Reeves and David Rovics; artist Maurice Spira’s incredible mural graces our centerfold, one that lasted only a few days because of a priest’s campaign against it.

John Brinker reviews a DVD which examines the connection between the Unabomber and LSD; while David Porter and Loca from Montreal take a closer look at Emma Goldman. John Clark’s sad, but inspiring tribute to a slain activist reminds us how New Orleans has not healed. Plus, lively letters, reviews, and other articles round out the issue.


A number of anarchist publications have recently folded and several others have cut back their publishing schedule; we don’t want to do either. Although readers have generously contributed for this issue, we still didn’t raise enough to pay for the issue. Donations are needed, new Sustainers are welcome, renew the subscription notice sitting on your desk, renew early, order books from The Barn, order back issues (see back of the papers for ordering information on both), or throw a benefit for us. It would be a tragedy if all radical news was gained looking at a screen.

Next issue

The theme for the next issue is, “End of the Worldism,” which will be our Summer edition. See page 55 for details. Also, that page for orders for books from The Barn and for back issues.