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Fifth Estate # 376, Halloween, 2007

FIFTH ESTATE #376, Halloween 2007, Vol. 42, #2

Issue Theme: End of the Worldism

Cover, centerfold, & back page art
Tammy Wetzel

End of the Worldism (but not for us), Editorial

“Great Dismal Mercenaries” Blackwater & Iraq
Don LaCoss

“Elves Sentenced” ALF/ELF Activists Sentenced
H. Read

“Apocalypse How?”
Anu Bonobo

“Katrina & the Apocalypse”
Dave Meesters

“The Night the Lights Went Out”
Sheila Nopper

“After the Fall”
Vermillion Sands

Daniel Pinchbeck Interview
Anu Bonobo

“The Naked Self Unseen: Daniel Pinchbeck & the Politics of Psychic Evolution”
Cookie Orlando

“Violence at the End of the World. . .and I feel fine”
Claire P. Curtis

At War with the Mystics” The Death of Jerry Falwell
Clyde Cass

“The End of Communication? The End of Representation?”
An Exchange between Jesse Cohn & Roger Farr

Riots Revisited —
Two reprints from 1967 and 1987 FE on the Detroit riots

Diane Di Prima’s “Revolutionary Letters”
review by Peter Lamborn Wilson

“An Unconventional Report”
Strategies for shutting down the Democratic & Republican conventions

“Tunnel Visionaries”
Ron Sakolsky

Interesting letters