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Fifth Estate # 377, March 2008

Fifth Estate Issue #377, March, 2008, Vol. 43 No. 1

4 Readers’ letters

6 Green Scare News: Police Terrorize Earth First!er in Ohio

7 Powerlessness & the Power of the Prank from La lettre versatile de Jimmy Gladiator

8 Bowling with the Bonobo Bashers by Pieter Primatus

10 Stronger Wine! Madder Music! A manifesto by Apio Ludd


12 Introduction to Escape

13 All Power to the Forevertron! by Don LaCoss

14 Escapism by Peter Lamborn Wilson

18 Ask! Tell! by Daisy Cutter & Calamity Jayne

19 Canadian Run by Ruby Green

20 Desertions: Can the Troops Do Better? by Igor Talus

21 Army of None by Aimee Allison and David Solnit, reviewed by Walker Lane

22 The Lakotah Secession by Iris Waxcutc-ka

23 The Black Hawk War of the Artists by Vachel Lindsay

24 Refuge by Yusuf Kataev

25 What It Means to Be a Prison Abolitionist by Amanda D.

26 “Tony” Revealed by G.L. Doebler

28 Tired of Being Stepped On? by Romeo Hardin

29 Anti-Prison Resources from the Bureau of Public Secrets

30 Escaping from Europe by Walker Lane

32 Hauling Secrets by Smidge

34 Wild Child: Alexander Supertramp by Andrew William Smith

35 While the Getting Was Good by Ianna Hawkins Owen

37 Genderfuck the RNC! A manifesto by Queer Action Network

37 From Seattle to St. Paul by K.M. Koan, Casey C., and Rhea Riley

38 Acid Reigns, an interview by Kellie Buttons

39 Montreal’s Anarchist Theatre Festival & Bookfair


40 Jacques Vaché & the Roots of Surrealism by Franklin Rosemont, reviewed by Otto Katz

42 Rocks in My Pillow: On Antliff’s Anarchy and Art by Ron Sakolsky

48 Without a Glimmer of Remorse by Pino Cacucci, reviewed by Don LaCoss

48 Subversion by Irreverence and Ridicule: Novels by Albert Cossery by S. Leplage

50 The Tragic Death of Suharto by Vermillion Sands

51 Call for Anti-G8 Action, by NO! G8 Japan

52 For Pat “the Rat” Halley by David Watson

54 Remembering Jim Campbell by David Watson

55 CB Surf Scoter by Laura Corsiglia

Cover: Public domain image of a Richard Lillis painting A Straw for the Thirsty, first published in Private Detective Stories in 1945

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