March on Washington Set


Fifth Estate # 38, September 15-30, 1967

The National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, which organized the massive April 15 demonstrations in New York City and San Francisco, is now arranging for a mass mobilization to confront the warmakers in Washington, D.C. It will be on October 21, with supporting demonstrations around the world.

From Canada, Scotland, England, France and international youth conferences in Stockholm and Frankfurt come reports of endorsement and solidarity demonstrations being planned in conjunction with the October 21 confrontation.

According to staff members of the Student Mobilization Committee in New York, “The tactical objective will be a massive confrontation with the war-makers at the Pentagon. The strategic objective is to build a nationwide mass movement capable of forcing the U.S. government to end the war being waged against the Vietnamese people.”

In Detroit, the Detroit Area Mobilization Committee, (DAMC) made up of individuals from local anti-war groups, is planning events, publicity, and transportation to carry the hundreds of people that are expected to go to Washington and from Washington. Billboards, posters, stickers are scheduled to go up all over the city to advertise the confrontation.

Events such as an antiwar generals meeting sponsored by the Veterans Against the War are expected to draw great support from Detroiters. Also, the newly-organized High School Student Mobilization Committee intends to add at least two busses full of its latest recruits to the anti-war activities and the confrontation itself.

Spokesmen from the DAMC conclude from the initial response to the October 21 action that its character will be more militant, more dynamic and more determined than anything this government has yet seen. “The demands of the anti-war movement—Bring the Troops Home Now & Self-Determination for the Vietnamese will be the central slogans of the Confrontation With the War-makers in Washington.”

For more information about transportation and activities contact the Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam at 832-5700 or 1101 W. Warren, Detroit, Michigan.