Fifth Estate # 38, September 15-30, 1967

UNCLASSIFIEDS cost 50 cents per line per issue. Figure four words per line. (A word is a word, including one and two letter words. A phone number is a word. Street numbers are words. Abbreviations should be sensible).

DISCOUNT RATES: Five runs cost 35 cents per line.

The Fifth Estate, 1107 W. Warren, Detroit, 48201. phone 831-6800

IRISH BACHELOR wants housekeeper. Girl age 25-38. One child welcome. Also do some typing. Call 826-3848.

WORK FOR A CO-OP! Cooperative Services, 7404 Woodward needs 2 girl Fridays. Stenographer/typist and/or bookkeeper. Call 873-6161.

Just a reminder to Tommy the legged Wap not to forget July 31—Butch.

FIFTH ESTATE needs typewriters, file cabinets, and business machines to meet our expanding operation. If you have anything you can donate call us at 831-6800.

ANTI-WAR BASH Saturday September 16 at 800 Seward (corner of Third). $1.50 admission, movie, live sounds, groovy games, food, etc. Do it.

The New Daily Collegian of Wayne State needs columnists which is probably obvious if you saw the old one. Anyone who’s interested in writing for the paper contact the editorial director, Peggy Cronin. Columnists, by the way, will be paid. 831-3282. 90 West Warren, Detroit.

Sue, I love you—Jeff.

Girls with problems write to me for advice. Paul Knapp, 82 Sand Lake, Onsted, Michigan.

ENTRAILS, just back victorious from Seattle obscenity wars! $1.10. 283 E. Houston, NYC 10002.

Medium, will answer by mail 5 questions for a good will donation with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Bernard Hill, P.O. Box 603, Dearborn, Michigan 48126.

Grow your own grass. 50 cents for complete instructions. Box 3801, Long Beach, Calif. 90803

Good trumpet player looking for a job. Contact manager, FE 4-3716, Pontiac. —Bill Burgdorf

A.E. did O.K.! Much love and happiness to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dunn.

Bolshevik Dick desires Bolshevik Chick. Call 873-7445. Ask for Grim.

Booklets that count and have something to say: ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM: Immigration to Canada as an alternative to the Draft, by the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme, 50 cents.
Order from E Gordon c/o the FIFTH ESTATE.

HIP SNIP CHICK busted by evil union cats and must vacate Plum Street establishment wants to sell professional beautician’s shampoo bowl and chair. Call Phyliss after 10 p.m. at 341-2704.

Wanted: The man who is selling king size cigarette papers called “skins” would like to buy a case. Please contact at VI 1-6016.

Hi Claude (Windsor) Steve, Lou, Fred, Robin (Flint) Jon, Miles, Bob (Lakeport) S. Sue Detroit.

Anti-war activist needs full-time job for 2 or 3 weeks to get money to live on while he works to build Washington anti-war march, October 21st. Call Jim at 873-7445.

MUSIC LESSONS: GUITAR—all styles. Also violin and mandolin. Located near Wayne campus. I. Kirsch, 831-5266.

Wanted for hobby: candles and old wine bottles. Will pay small amount. Call Marty—545-7596.

Help build the Oct. 21st confrontation with the warmakers in Washington, D.C. Join with 100s of thousands of others. Call 832-5700 to reserve your transportation or send a contribution to Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam, 1101 W. Warren, Detroit, 48201.

INTERNATIONAL DOPE SMUGGLERS: Fingermen are aboard Yugo freighters to America. Lists provided to U.S. Customs. Females especially suspect. Be cool and typical American as possible. A drag.

E.C.—anyone owning “Crypt of Terror,” #17 or “Vault of Horror,” #12 & 19—sell for big money. Call Jim, 835-7583; 13951 Marlowe, Detroit.

Send for the truths the Bible didn’t dare tell. “One of the greatest books ever written.” 75 cents cash or M.O., David, 15731 Chapel, Detroit 48223.

17 yr. old hippy desparately seeks week—end work in store around Plum or Cass—Warren area. Will conform if necessary. Urgent! Call Linda after 5 p.m. 881-9036.

Fifth Estate co-editor blew all his bread on amp and speakers; needs good turntable. Need charity in form of low price or gift. If you can accomodate call Peter at 8316800 or 872-3724 evenings.

Happy Birthday Jeff Bennett and anyone whose birth is Sept. 26 as mine is too.

HARE KRISHNA Swami Bhaktivedanta suffered a stroke, several weeks ago, and was hospitalized. He is now much better, and recuperating in San Francisco. However, his disciples, of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, are faced with hospital bills totaling over $1,000. Welfare aid cannot be obtained, because this would jeopardize the Swami’s position with the Immigration Department, which now threatens to deport him. Please send any contribution you can afford. We are tax-deductible. Or, you can help by buying the HARE KRISHNA record album. Send $3.25 to ISKCON, 26 2nd Ave., NYC, 10003. Temples are also in San Francisco at 518 Frederick St. in HaightAshbury, and in Montreal at 3720 Park Ave., near Magill University and Box 25 Route 3, Seton Village, Santa Fe.

Quality recording facilities available on exp. co-op basis. Two track demo tapes produced at cost. Call Spike-Drivers 873-7305.

I need a cheap car. No shit need apply. Call 833-3166. Under a hundred dollars, please. Ask for Pun.

END THE WAR POSTERS 50 cents each. 1101 W. Warren 832-5700.

Beatle Paul McCartney interviewed in Special Back Issue of 5th Estate. Send 15 cents to 5th Estate, 1107 W. Warren, Det.

Girl Wanted: To share house. Must be good looking and between 18-22. Call: 538-6277 around 10 a.m. or write Tom Scholtz, 15071 Braile, Detroit 48223.

Esoteric guitar lessons in the realms of folk, rock, blues, raga, banjo. Sid Spikedriver, 873-7305.

HUG—It’s Been A Real Turned on Year. Love Ya. Your WUG

UP-TIGHT WITH THE DRAFT? If you are threatened, worried, or faced with the Selective Service System do not leave your fate to chance or listen to the advice of friends. Go to an expert, free draft counselor. Central Methodist Church, Sundays, 8-10 p.m. All welcome.

FOR MEN Gag cards, the hottest anywhere. Sample package and wholesale prices: 75 cents and stamp. Hobbycraft. 7 10th St., Greer, S.C. 29651

Buttons, posters, diffraction jewels, BYM, Box 783, Berkeley, Calif. 94701.

WWII Super-patriotic Posters! All 1942-45 U.S. Govt. Originals. Multi-color, BIG! “Avenge ‘ Dec. 7th,” etc. Free List. K.R. Enterprises, Dept. F, Box 636, San Francisco, CA 94101.

Are you fucked up? Send for “one of the greatest books ever written.” 75 cents cash or M.O., David, 13731 Chapel, Detroit 48223.

Next time you TURN ON, use a brass hash pipe. $1.50 from Morgan-Love, Box 551, N.Y. N.Y. 10003. Catalog 25 cents. Dealer inquiries invited.

“Remember! The Girl who is Waiting for you Give her a Square Deal—Keep Clean.” WWI V.D. Poster 16 x 20 Send $1 and 25 cents Postage & Handling. 1121 W. Canfield #1682, Detroit, Mich. 48201

Lead guitarist needed immediately—893-1299.

Quality photofinishing; Anything; free price list; Box 3801, 90803.

Horseshit Magazine lists its contents in a display ad in this issue. Read it or suffer our terrible curse! Constipation.

Be cool during next year’s long, hot summer. AMC air conditioner, 8,900 BTU’s; used only one summer; cost $225 new; will sacrifice for $125. Call Peter at Fifth Estate office, 831-6800 or 872-3724 evenings.

WANTED: A cheap garage with electricity. Call Ron, 833-3166.

Bob Swetlick, please call me. WO 5-1888. Gabe Glantz.