Uptight Honkies Meet


Fifth Estate # 38, September 15-30, 1967

There are only two paths open to a country whose internal and external empires are in the state of decay prevailing in the United States. That of the left or fascism.

The trend toward fascism in the United States is accelerating at an incredible rate. It is beginning to acquire the kind of mass base which served Hitler in Germany. The catalyst for tendencies always present in American society, is the equally accelerating struggle for black liberation.

On August 22, more than 700 people responded to a leaflet distributed on the all-white Northeast side by Breakthrough, a local right-wing organization. The leaflet cried, in part, “HAS THE RIOT OPENED YOUR EYES?…They said ‘It can’t happen here.’ But now it HAS HAPPENED HERE! What is more THEY plan to do it again, only NEXT TIME, THEY will do it on a far wider and much more terrifying scale. Are YOU NOW READY to PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THE NEXT ONE?”

The rally sponsored by United War Veterans for Defense of the U. S. Constitution, Breakthrough, Citizen’s Committee for Civil Defense, Detroit Police and Fireman Association for Public Safety, and the Chaldean Committee for the Preservation of Liberty was the first in a series scheduled for every white area of the city.

At the second such meeting held September 12 at Flamingo Hall on Seven Mile near Gratiot more than 1,200 turned out. As at the first meeting many were observed to be walking to the meeting from the immediate neighborhood in which the rally was held. A third East side meeting was held on September 14. And leaflets are already being circulated for West side rallies to take place on September 19, 20 and 26.

Observers at the two meetings held so far (“Persons suspected of being Communist or Black Power sympathizers will not be admitted,” states the leaflet) indicate that the program consists of numerous speeches concentrating on “preparations” including acquiring arms, organizing your block and the like. The primary address is always given by Donald Lobsinger, Chairman of Breakthrough, who “proves” that urban uprisings are run by the Communists and exhorts the crowd not to flee the city, but to stay and fight for their “land.”

He is then followed by a speaker from the National Rifle Association who demonstrates the use and virtues of various kinds of weapons for home protection.

Gun sales in the Detroit area are reported to have risen from 500 per month for hand guns to 3,000 per week. Gun manufacturers are flying in special shipments to Detroit weekly.

Literature distributed at each meeting included a sign-up card to get on the mailing list, a leaflet announcing future rallies, “Suggestions for Survival During a Period of Prolonged Civil Disorder,” THE PLAN to Burn Los Angeles (put out by the John Birch Society) and the “World’s Greatest Armschest—World’s Lowest Prices.” The arms leaflet advertises 15 rifles and hand guns as well as ammunition. It is “printed and distributed by the Americanism Committee of General Douglas MacArthur American Legion Post No. 375 in cooperation with Earl’s Gun Shop.”

The survival leaflet says in part, “Organize your own block and make sure that every family has a one month supply of food. A person without food will do anything to get it. It is easy to say that nothing will happen. They said that in the 12th Street area. It is up to YOU to prepare—and right NOW. Should a neighbor be discordant or uncooperative, let him be. BEWARE OF THOSE WHO OPPOSE SUCH PREPARATION. Certainly do not allow yourself to become discouraged by it.”

Probably, if everyone ignores this grass roots movement it will go away.

Like Hitler did.